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Nature of Contribution: Contributed to Tuxemon project


 Source Explanation
BrewdinDesigned by Kyu. Name by Sanglorian. Sprites by Lejun
CardilingSpalding004 has released his Sitran Fakedex under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence for us. Independently, Kyu came up with a Fire-type cardinal monster, so we combined the two. Original designs by Spalding004 and Kyu. Sprites by Spalding004. Back sprite by Sanglorian.
MedushockDesign by Kyu. Named by Sanglorian. Sprites by Lejun.

Yet to Be Completed

 Source Explanation
GrunselDesign by Kyu. Named by Sanglorian.

ArtArtflow 2016080201277fc27.jpg, Artflow 201608020211764d3.jpg, Artflow 20160802023828605.jpg, Artflow 201608020313b3f0e.jpg SpritesBrewdin back 64.png, Brewdin face 1.png, Brewdin face 2.png, Brewdin front 64.png, Medushock back 64.png, Medushock face 1.png, Medushock face 2.png, Medushock front 64.png