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About the Game[edit]

Some of Our Characters[edit]

24.png, Tumblequill.png, Firomenis front 64px.png, Octabode front.gif, Math.png, 4 by levaine-dalforb.png, Conglolem.png, Magmaturtle-front-alt.png, Hectapod.png, Weavifly.png, Loliferno.png, Millilil.png, Axylightl-front.png, Toucanary.png, Runglesnik.gif, Bandit.png, Forighness.png, Seirein fakemon by serpexnessie-davf8ul.png, Equill-front.png, Embra.png, Magician Front (64x64).png, Cochini front 64.png, Samuraibug-front-alt.png, 20.png, Lambert-front.png, Urcine front.png, Lambert Evo Take II first attempt.png, Fuzzina.png, Enforcer-male-variant.png, Evil-trainer-front.png, Raynose.png, Vivicinde r front.png, Tarpeur front.png, Slichen.png, Botbot-front.png, 1 by levaine-da6ftsr.png, Gectile.png, Aardlarvae.png, Metal nymph.gif, Mote.gif, Monkeybot-front.png, Narcileaf.png, Emo Front 64.png, Lendos.png, Djinnbo-front.png, Dark robo.png, Tigrock-front.png, Jungle boy - from Prehistoric.png, Front (64x64px).png, Appariron.png, Grintot.png, Grintrock.png, Anu front.png, Cardinale fakemon sprite by spalding004-d5ky0jw.png, Ad2cEaf.png, Nimrod boss.gif, Flacono front.png, Wood nymph.gif, Sapragon.png, Glombroc.png, Cat-girl-front.png, Florist.gif, Shnark.gif, Punk - from Prehistoric.png