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About the Game

Some of Our Characters

Pupflot.png, Whatran.gif, Snaki front.png, Dracune.png, Chloragon.png, 3 by levaine-da6on7x.png, Bombeetle.png, Boxali front 64.png, Neutrito fakemon by serpexnessie-davf94p.png, Selmatek front 64.png, Shopkeeper front 64.png, Dinoflop front.png, Pipis.png, Narcileaf.png, Raccscal.png, Hydrone-front.png, Conileaf Front (64x64).png, Punk - from Prehistoric.png, Selket front.png, Mk01 gamma.png, Botbot-front.png, Knindling.png, Hampotamos front.png, Yiinemy-front.png, Cardinale fakemon sprite by spalding004-d5ky0jw.png, Shybulb.png, Ornitaupe front 64.png, 18.png, Grintrock.png, Bolt-front.png, Bursa.png, Hoarseshoo-front.png, Aviator.gif, Eyenemy-front.png, Fribbit.png, Runglesnik.gif, Pharfan front 64.png, Muscletaur.png, Criniotherme front 64.png, Hurrotem.png, Trapsnap.png, 22.png, Lambert Evo Take II first attempt.png, Eskipup.png, Oracle.gif, Constorch.png, Blacksmith - from Prehistoric.png, Beach boy - from Prehistoric (half sized).png, Tadcool.png, Sapragon.png, Nudiarmor.png, Appariron.png, Galasces.png, Ninja.gif, Emuwool.png, Viviteel front.png, Nurse.gif, Dragarbor.png, Komoduel.png, Birdbot - josepharaoh99.png, Gobblimp.png, Tumbledillo.png, Forturtle-front.png, Front (64x64).png