How to Upload Content to the Wiki

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Joining the Wiki[edit | edit source]

Contact Sanglorian on the Tuxemon Discord, and he will create an account for you (wiki page).

Adding Images[edit | edit source]

In the sidebar, there's an "Upload file" link. Click on that, and upload the image.

For each image, assign categories for:

  • What the image is of (e.g. Rockitten)
  • What scale the image is in - typically the dimensions of the image. For example, most front sprites are 64 by 64 pixels.
  • What type of image it is (e.g. a Front Sprite)
  • If the image is the Main one, or an Alternative.
  • Who created or contributed to the sprite.

Example Categories[edit | edit source]


[[Category:Drashimi]] [[Category:princess-phoenix]] [[Category:Front Sprite]] [[Category:Main]] [[Category:64px]]

Sushi mons 13.png

[[Category:Drashimi]] [[Category:princess-phoenix]] [[Category:Front Sprite]] [[Category:Alternative]] [[Category:80px]]


[[Category:Rockitten]] [[Category:ShadowApex]] [[Category:Main]] [[Category:Back Sprite]] [[Category:64px]]

Rockitten face.png

[[Category:Rockitten]] [[Category:Face Sprite 1]] [[Category:Main]] [[Category:24px]] [[Category:Leo]]


[[Category:Rockitten]] [[Category:Face Sprite 2]] [[Category:Main]] [[Category:24px]] [[Category:Leo]] [[Category:Sanglorian]]