Shaft Boss Zoolander

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Trainer Class Mine Overseer

tamashihoshi had some personality and dialogue suggestions:

  • a hard worker (probably even a bit of a workaholic)
  • honest with herself
  • appreciated
  • strict to herself and to others
  • a role model for her workers
  • naive - fighting for a greater good, not understanding that the steps she is taking might have the opposite effect

As you aproach her, you will face her workers.. and they might loose a few lines about her. Something like...

  • "If you want to continue, you have to pass me!" - you defeat the worker - "What a loss!" - when you talk to him after the fight - "I hope Boss is not mad - she gets angry so fast..." "But she is a nice person and has a heart like a diamond."
  • "I will train more and become as strong as our Boss." "She worked so hard to become the leader, I wanna be like her someday."

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