Kelvin Shadewing

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Nature of Contribution: Contributed to Tuxemon project, Released works under a free and open licence



 Source Explanation
BigfinOriginal design by Cavalcadeur. Redesign by extyrannomon. Sprites by Cavalcadeur, rsg167, Kelvin Shadewing, HippasusTwo, Sanglorian, tamashihoshi and Levaine. Other art by Leo.

Yet to Be Completed

 Source Explanation

SpritesBigfin-back.png, Buildings and Features - Kelvin Shadewing.png, Cafe 2.png, Dollfin-front.png, Doors - Kelvin Shadewing.png, Fancy House.png, Flower1.png, Flower10.png, Flower11.png, Flower12.png, Flower13.png, Flower14.png, Flower15.png, Flower16.png, Flower2.png, Flower3.png, Flower4.png, Flower5.png, Flower6.png, Flower7.png, Flower8.png, Flower9.png, Fruitera-sprites.png, Fungus blue.png, Fungus green.png, Fungus red.png, Fungus violet.png, Fungus yellow.png, Fungus.png, MK buildings.png, MK floors.png, MK objects.png, MK terrain.png, Mushroom blue.png, Mushroom mix2.png, Mushroom01.png, Outdoor Tiles - City and Country - by Kelvin Shadewing.png, Set Pieces by Kelvin Shadewing.png, SetPieces glitch.png, Terrain by KelvinShadewing.png, Warp.gif,