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Nature of Contribution: Commissioned to create


 Source Explanation
TumbledilloFront sprite by Serpexnessie. Face sprites and back sprite by Andre Doruk.
TumblequillDesign and front sprite by Serpexnessie. Other sprites by Andre Duruk. Art by giovani_rubio.

Yet to Be Completed

 Source Explanation
BatuskinDesigned and illustrated by Jai-Ti. Sprites by Andre Doruk. Face sprites by Jaskrendix.

SpritesBatuskin-menu01.png, Batuskin-menu02.png, Tumbledillo face 1.png, Tumbledillo face 2.png, Tumblequill face 1.png, Tumblequill face 2.png, Useruploads 26853506-3158-4b38-9f29-3669ef244194 batuskin.png, Useruploads 5fa5b035-b417-4e88-9002-c8c302c6d98d tumblequillback.png, Useruploads 96f51a6f-ff9d-4687-aa8b-9a7159cb86f7 tumbledilloback.png, Useruploads 9b045872-bfeb-4cb9-beed-ef20f2c941ad batuskinback.png