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Nature of Contribution: Commissioned to create


 Source Explanation
TumblequillFront sprite by Serpexnessie. Other sprites by Andre Duruk.

Yet to Be Completed

 Source Explanation
BatuskinDesigned and illustrated by Jai-Ti. Sprites by Andre Doruk.
TumbledilloFront sprite by Serpexnessie. Face sprites and back sprite by Andre Doruk.

SpritesTumbledillo face 1.png, Tumbledillo face 2.png, Tumblequill face 1.png, Tumblequill face 2.png, Useruploads 26853506-3158-4b38-9f29-3669ef244194 batuskin.png, Useruploads 5fa5b035-b417-4e88-9002-c8c302c6d98d tumblequillback.png, Useruploads 96f51a6f-ff9d-4687-aa8b-9a7159cb86f7 tumbledilloback.png, Useruploads 9b045872-bfeb-4cb9-beed-ef20f2c941ad batuskinback.png