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About the Game[edit]

Some of Our Characters[edit]

Selket front.png, Loliferno.png, Capiti front.png, Vividactil front.png, Fire nymph.gif, Bonetula.png, Tikorch.png, Cop.png, Chromeye fakemon by serpexnessie-davf8yw.png, Lambert Evo Take II first attempt.png, Mk01 gamma.png, 7 by levaine-dabti6h.png, Ko6RWYx.png, Tarpeur front.png, Zunna 1.png, Prophetoise-front.png, Blacksmith - from Prehistoric.png, Fuzzina.png, Bombeetle.png, Dracune.png, Renaiprans.png, Birb robo.png, Yiinaang.png, 3 by levaine-da6on7x.png, Rabbitosaur.png, Monkeybot-front.png, Superintendent.png, Fluoresfin fakemon by serpexnessie-dau5fof.png, Guardsman.png, Tikoal.png, Brickhemoth.png, Abesnaki-front2.png, Foxko.png, Urcine front.png, Front (64x64).png, Virware.png, Misc Front.png, Tux-front.png, Rinocereed .png, Eyenenaang.png, Dark robo.png, Moloch-front.png, 1OxJFhy.png, Male-trainer-front.png, Cocrune.png, Ruption.png, Foxfire-front.png, Miner Front (64x64).png, Allagon (from alloy and dragon).png, Pipis.png, Jackalope front.png, Lettice.png, Oceamind.png, 22.png, SPYDER BOSS.gif, Sharpfin front 2.png, Lieutenant.png, Pearamanca.png, Hydrone-front.png, 8 by levaine-dabti68.png, Grintot.png, Baby bear.png, Sampsage.png, Botbot-front.png