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About the Game[edit]

Some of Our Characters[edit]

Cherubat.png, Blacksmith - from Prehistoric.png, Professor-front.png, Scientist Front (64x64).png, 7 by levaine-dabti6h.png, Tm bm.png, Propellercat-front.png, Grintrock.png, Bearloch.png, Fluoresfin fakemon by serpexnessie-dau5fof.png, Mote.gif, Sludgehog-front.png, Lambert-front.png, Dandicub-front.png, Jackalope front.png, Coleorus front.png, Dracune.png, 21.png, World01 006 Witch - 64px.png, Rockat-front.png, Puparmor.png, Komodraw fakemon by serpexnessie-dau02iq.png, Eyenenaang.png, Bricgard.png, Ceo - taller.gif, Monkeybot-front.png, Woodoor.png, Volconey.png, Shaft boss.png, Noctalo front.png, Birdbot - josepharaoh99.png, Novaquarius.png, Blasdoor.png, Soldier.gif, Fluttaflap.png, Foxko.png, Urcheedle fakemon by serpexnessie-davwu63.png, Anu front.png, Superintendent.png, Nemo03-front.png, Araignee.png, Tigrock-front.png, Sovereice.png, Spighter.png, Uneye.png, Sumobulb.png, Ninja.gif, Galasces.png, 8 by levaine-dabti68.png, Imbrickcile.png, 5 by levaine-dam2fdf.png, Cataspike.png, Conglolem.png, Wrougon.png, Arthrobolt-front.png, Thumpurn.png, Pharfan front 64.png, Zunna 1.png, (alien).png, Birb robo.png, Cardiling fakemon sprite by spalding004-d5ky07l.png, Enforcer-female.png, FT Front (64x64).png, Medipup.png