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Main Website: https://www.deviantart.com/golantreviz/

Nature of Contribution: Contributed to Tuxemon project

Yet to Be Completed
 Source Explanation
Quiptail color experiment test by golantreviz de1k6sa.jpgFile:Quiptail color experiment test by golantreviz de1k6sa.jpg
Quiptail colorwork by golantreviz de1rfy4.jpgFile:Quiptail colorwork by golantreviz de1rfy4.jpg
Speedoscelis by golantreviz de1k6si.jpgFile:Speedoscelis by golantreviz de1k6si.jpg
Speedoscelis colorwork by golantreviz de1rj7l.jpgFile:Speedoscelis colorwork by golantreviz de1rj7l.jpg