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Stats are values that all tuxemon individuals have, that affect their power in combat.

The Stats[edit | edit source]

The game has been designed with six Stats:

  • HP: How much damage you can take
  • Melee (or "Attack"): How much damage your Melee attacks do
  • Ranged (or "Special Attack"): How much damage your Ranged attacks do
  • Armour (or "Defence"): How well you resist damage from Melee attacks
  • Dodge (or "Special Defence"): How well you resist damage from Ranged attacks
  • Speed: Whether you act before your opponent in battle

A monster's stats are based on its Body Shape and level, according to the following formula:

   Body Shape Multiplier * (7 + Tuxemon Level)

With Body Shape Multipliers ranging from 4 to 8, that means that tuxemon of the same level could have Stats that are at most twice as high as another.

Tastes[edit | edit source]

A tuxemon has two tastes, a warm one and a cold one. The warm one increases its associated stat by 10%. The cold one decreases its associated stat by 10%. There are no tastes associated with HP.

  • + Speed: Peppy
  • - Speed: Mild
  • + Melee: Salty
  • - Melee: Sweet
  • + Armour: Hearty
  • - Armour: Soft
  • + Ranged: Zesty
  • - Ranged: Flakey
  • + Dodge: Refined
  • - Dodge: Dry

A tuxemon can have a warm and a cold taste affecting the same stat, resulting in no net change.

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