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Nature of Contribution: Released works under a free and open licence


 Source Explanation
RhincusDesign and front sprite by josepharaoh99. Back sprite by Sanglorian. Face sprites by Redshrike. Face sprites tweaked by Sanglorian.
ShammerOriginal design and sprites by josepharaoh99. Face sprites by Sanglorian and Redshrike.

SpritesDark robo - alt.png, Dark robo.png, Disciple - 64px.png, Flameball blue.gif, Gnu - 64px.png, Interiors 2 by Redshrike.PNG, Interiors by Redshrike.png, Minion - 64.png, Rhincus skull 2.png, Rhincus skull.png, Robo.png, Shadow - 64px.png, Shammer skull 2.png, Shammer skull.png, Xeon-2.png, Xeon.png