Henrique Lazarini

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Nature of Contribution: Released works under a free and open licence

SpritesAc Medal01 24x24.png, Ac Medal02 24x24.png, Ac Medal03 24x24.png, Ac Necklace06 24x24.png, Bamboo staff.png, Buff armour.gif, Buff fast.gif, Buff rage.gif, Buff ranged.gif, Debuff melee.gif, I C Carrot 24x24.png, I C Grapes 24x24.png, I C Pear 24x24.png, I C Watermellon 24x24.png, I Crystal03 24x24.png, I Leaf-24.png, P Blue02 - 24x24.png, Peace lily.png, Pyramidion.png, W Book01 24x24.png, W Book07 24x24.png