Held Items

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Not implemented in the game so far. Could also have held items that made monsters immune to certain conditions.

 MainImageMainSpriteTXMN Description
Antidote GrapesMissing
Cure FesteringMissingRinse out the wound and you'll be right.
DieMissingConfused? Roll the die and do whatever it says!
FeatherMissingTickle your assailant and force them to relinquish their grip!
HorseshoeMissingOn the wrong foot? Put a horseshoe on it!
MarbleMissingNever lose your marbles again!
Open HandMissingAttacks made by a tuxemon holding this item will never reduce a foe below 1 HP.
Refreshing SliceMissing
Toy BearMissingSubstitute this toy bear for yourself when your life energy is being sapped!
XP FeederMissingA tuxemon that holds this item receives half of all XP gained by your party, regardless of whether it participated in battle. The remainder of the XP is split between monsters that did participate.