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Main Website: https://opengameart.org/users/diamonddmgirl

Nature of Contribution: Released works under a free and open licence

SpritesAlien 64px.png, Alien 80px.png, Coriander publish. 0.png, Coriander sanglorian expressions.png, Doll 64px.png, Dragonfly 64px.png, Dragonfly 80px.png, Faun 64px.png, Faun 80px.png, Faun light 80px..png, Harpy dark 64px.png, Harpy dark 80px..png, Harpy light 80px.png, Moon 64px.png, Moon shining 64px.png, Moon shining 80px.png, Pepper publish. 0.png, Saffron publish. 0.png, Shichimi publish. 0.png, Spinning woman 64px.png, Sun 64px.png, Sun 80px.png, Sun shining 112px.png, Sun shining 80px.png