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Nature of Contribution: Released works under a free and open licence

SpritesFirelion back 128.gif, Firelion back.gif, Firelion front 128.gif, Firelion front.gif, Firelion right 128.gif, Firelion right.gif, Icetacle 128.gif, Icetacle.gif, Lightning claw large.gif, Lightning claw.gif, Shield ice 128.gif, Shield ice.gif, Shield rock.gif, Shield turtle 128.gif, Shield turtle left 128.gif, Shield turtle left.gif, Shield turtle right 128.gif, Shield turtle right.gif, Shield turtle.gif, Snake front 128.gif, Snake left 128.gif, Snake right 128.gif, Snake right.gif, Snake up 128.gif, Spike ice.gif, Spike rock.gif, Spikes ice.gif, Spikes rock.gif, Tentacles water 128.gif, Tentacles water.gif, Tornado bulk 128.gif, Tornado bulk.gif