Creating and Completing Trainers

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Finishing off already-designed trainers[edit | edit source]

As well as designing your own trainers from scratch, another way of contributing is to add something for a trainer that someone else has designed.

  • Sprint 2 has our priorities for trainers, although at this point there are no priorities
  • If there are any entries on our list of trainers that are missing either a front sprite or an overland sprite, it would be good to have them added

Sprite requirements[edit | edit source]

Trainers all need their overland sprites - 16px wide by about 20px high (up to 24px), or 16px high for children. If they're stationary, they only need one forward-facing, one back-facing, one left-facing and one right-facing sprite. If they're going to walk (including anyone that'll battle the protagonist), they'll need an extra two for each direction.

FT Trainer.gif

Trainers that'll battle the protagonist also need a battle sprite - a 64 by 64 pixel sprite, facing forward and a little to the player's left (just like monster sprites).

FT Front (64x64).png

Protagonists also need a back sprite - a 64 by 64 pixel sprite, facing away from the screen and a little to the right.


Skin tones[edit | edit source]

Example skin tones are available in this reference sprite:

Skin tones.gif

Overland sprites[edit | edit source]