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Original issue, Discussion thread, Discussion thread 2, Tuxemon Github Wiki article.

Combat actions are sorted by category (healing, swapping, attacking, etc) and monster Speed.

To ensure that multiplayer is compatible, rules can't be things like "Protagonist goes first".

Categories[edit | edit source]

  • Item use
  • Techniques (can be split by effect)
  • Retreating/attempting to retreat
  • Switching tuxemon
  • Status effects
  • Replacing a knocked-out tuxemon
  • XP allocation

Proposals[edit | edit source]

Tamashihoshi: May be more strategic than having items guaranteed to go off.

  • Combat techniques
  • Healing techniques and items

r1g1l: Having Capture Devices go first ensures that tuxemon that always run can still be caught.

  • Special items (Capture Devices)
  • Run
  • Monster techniques (by monster speed)
  • Regular items
  • Healing
  • Status effects


  • Choosing actions. Each player chooses whether they will: use a technique with their active tuxemon, attempt to retreat, use an item or switch their active tuxemon for a different one on their team.
  • Attempts to retreat. If both attempt to retreat, both automatically retreat.
  • Switching tuxemon. If both attempt to switch tuxemon, it's random who switches first.
  • Using an item. If both attempt to use an item, the relative Speeds of the tuxemon determine which happens first.
  • Fast Techniques. If a technique has the Fast effect, it goes before other techniques. If both attempt to use a Fast technique, the relative Speeds of the tuxemon determine which happens first.
  • Non-Fast Techniques. If both attempt to use a technique, the relative Speeds of the tuxemon determine which happens first. Any of these use up your action for the round - you can only do one. If two tuxemon's Speeds are tied, it's random which goes first.
  • XP Allocation. If a tuxemon was knocked out in a previous part of the round, its XP is allocated now.
  • Replacing a Knocked-Out Tuxemon. If one was knocked out this round. Note, if a tuxemon is knocked out in a round, its replacement does not get to act.
  • Conditions. If you are poisoned, you take damage now. If your condition has a 50% chance of healing each round, this is the time when the game announces whether that has succeeded, etc.

Other options would be:

  • Who uses their item first is random instead of being based on tuxemon speed
  • The Fast effect modifies a tuxemon's Speed instead of guaranteeing that they go first
  • Trainers could have their own Speed that would affect some of these operations
  • Items could have their own Speed (benneti: you could have a fast quick injection or a slower full recovery drug)
  • Instead of having different turns for retreating, switching, items and techniques, every action could have its own Speed/Speed modifier. A very fast tuxemon could then get its technique off before an item is used, while a very slow one couldn't (for example).

Trainer stats (bitcraft, tamashihoshi and others): A trainer Speed stat would determine or modify action order, especially for item use. See Trainer Stats for general proposals for trainer stats.

  • Instead of making a fixed "first this then that" order, we could go for something more flexible... For example retreat attempts: 20 + speed modify (trainer/2 + tuxemon) -> some value; tuxemon switch: 30 + speed modify (trainer) -> some value; item use: 40 + speed modify (trainer + tuxemon/2) -> some value
  • A very fast person could use a technique before you can heal your tuxemon. probably even before you can retreat (gotta go fast)....