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When someone uses a Cathedral Centre to heal, the service is free but to recoup costs they have to watch an ad.

The ad plays for a number of seconds equal to the number of times the player has visited a Cathedral Centre during their playthrough.

There are no ads for other sources of healing, like the Team Bazaar providers.

User:Sanglorian has used an AI art program to create some placeholder ads:

  • Friends are for eating! Doctors buy Scoop cereal 'for the bits'. (from: Scoop)


  • Omnichannel TV: You watch us and we'll watch you. (from: Omnichannel)


  • Radio FUD: Because reading is for nerds. (from: Omnichannel)


  • The Nimrod gun-car: For safety. (from: Omnichannel)


  • On the morning commute, the only road rage you should have to deal with is your own. The Nimrod attachable car-gun. (from: Nimrod)


  • Work is fun when you bring it to the beach. (from: Omnichannel)


  • Visit the Dojo of the Five Elements and reach a higher level of understanding. Or just learn to fight better. (from: Nimrod)


  • Fill the void inside with rubies. (from: Shaft)