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One sprite can apply to multiple items, and some items may not have a sprite.

24px Element1.png 24px Element2.png 24px Element3.png 24px Element4.png 24px Element5.png 24px Element6.png 2nd the king 7.png 2nd the king 8.png 47.png APPLE 2.png Aardant.png Ac Medal01 24x24.png Ac Medal02 24x24.png Ac Medal03 24x24.png Ac Necklace06 24x24.png Admin-key.png Aether.png Alban nut.png Almost Weapons Icons.png Apple.png Areca seed.png BANANA 2.png Bamboo staff.png Bio container.png Biofuel.png Blue-crystal.png Blue-potion.png Blueberries.png Board.png Bone 2.png Bone.png Book - green.png Book - leather.png Book - yellow.png Boost 1.png Boost 2.png Boost 3.png Boost 4.png Boost 5.png Bottle-empty.png Bottle-ice.png Bottle-sand.png Bottle-water.png Bread.png Bug gym badge.png Burn-gel.png Capture device green.png Capture device red.png Capture device violet.png Capture device yellow.png Capture device.png Chenipode-skin.png Cherry.png Chickenleg.png Coal.png Coin .png Conileaf-skin.png Copper-lingot.png Copper-ore.png Coprolite.png Crystal item.png Dark-easter-egg.png Diamond - Clint Bellanger.png Die.png Dragontail.png Dust-tusk.png Earth b.png Easteregg-blue.png Easteregg-green.png Easteregg-pink.png Easteregg-red.png Easteregg-teal.png Easteregg-yellow.png Eggn .png Elofly-feather.png Emerald - Clint Bellanger.png Ethanol.png Evol-electric-crystal.png Evol-psy-crystal.png Exapode-molt.png Feather .png FireBerry.png Fishing-rod.png Flower1.png Flower10.png Flower11.png Flower12.png Flower13.png Flower14.png Flower15.png Flower16.png Flower2.png Flower3.png Flower4.png Flower5.png Flower6.png Flower7.png Flower8.png Flower9.png Flute .png Food 1 - resized.png FreeIconSet - 24.png Fungus blue.png Fungus green.png Fungus red.png Fungus violet.png Fungus yellow.png Fungus.png Gold-key.png Gold-lingot.png Gold-ore.png Grapes.png Grassseeds.png Green-crystal.png Green-potion.png Greenpresentbox.png Hatchet.png Hoe.png Horseshoe.png I C Banana.png I C BlackPepper.png I C BluePepper.png I C Carrot 24x24.png I C Cherry.png I C Grapes 24x24.png I C GreenPepper.png I C Lemon.png I C Mulberry.png I C Mushroom.png I C Nut.png I C Orange.png I C Pear 24x24.png I C Pineapple.png I C PinkPepper.png I C Radish.png I C RedPepper.png I C Strawberry.png I C TurquoisePepper.png I C VioletPepper.png I C Watermellon 24x24.png I C YellowPepper.png I Crystal03 24x24.png I Leaf-24.png I Sapphire.png I Scroll.png I Scroll02.png Ice-cube.png Icons1 resized 24.png Icons2.png Icons3.png IconsPJ - 24px.png Imperial Potion.png Infusions Icons.png Ingot.png Iridescent item 1.png Iridescent item 2.png Iridescent item 3.png Iridescent item 4.png Iridescent item 5.png Iridescent item 7.png Iron-lingot.png Iron-ore.png Item1.png Item2.png Item3.png Item4.png Item5.png Item6.png Jam.png Josepharaoh99 medal.png LH7prlB (1).png Lima.png Luminescent-potion.png Lvl-book.png Maracuya-jam.png Maracuya.png Marshmallow.png MeatSmall-24px1.png MeatSmall-24px10.png MeatSmall-24px11.png MeatSmall-24px12.png MeatSmall-24px13.png MeatSmall-24px14.png MeatSmall-24px2.png MeatSmall-24px22.png MeatSmall-24px23.png MeatSmall-24px24.png MeatSmall-24px3.png MeatSmall-24px4.png MeatSmall-24px5.png MeatSmall-24px6.png MeatSmall-24px7.png MeatSmall-24px8.png MeatSmall-24px9.png Metal b.png MetalCherry.png Milk.png Mineria.png Moco berry.png Mocochinchi.png Muscle-relax.png Mushroom blue.png Mushroom mix2.png Mushroom01.png Nimrod badge.png ORANGE 2.png Omnichannel badge.png Opal - Clint Bellanger.png Ox stick.png P Blue02 - 24x24.png Peace lily.png Pielima.png Pine cone.png Pink-potion.png Pixel icons by oceansdream1.png Pixel icons by oceansdream10.png Pixel icons by oceansdream11.png Pixel icons by oceansdream12.png Pixel icons by oceansdream13.png Pixel icons by oceansdream14.png Pixel icons by oceansdream15.png Pixel icons by oceansdream16.png Pixel icons by oceansdream17.png Pixel icons by oceansdream18.png Pixel icons by oceansdream19.png Pixel icons by oceansdream2.png Pixel icons by oceansdream20.png Pixel icons by oceansdream21.png Pixel icons by oceansdream22.png Pixel icons by oceansdream23.png Pixel icons by oceansdream24.png Pixel icons by oceansdream25.png Pixel icons by oceansdream26.png Pixel icons by oceansdream27.png Pixel icons by oceansdream28.png Pixel icons by oceansdream29.png Pixel icons by oceansdream3.png Pixel icons by oceansdream30.png Pixel icons by oceansdream31.png Pixel icons by oceansdream32.png Pixel icons by oceansdream33.png Pixel icons by oceansdream34.png Pixel icons by oceansdream35.png Pixel icons by oceansdream36.png Pixel icons by oceansdream4.png Pixel icons by oceansdream5.png Pixel icons by oceansdream6.png Pixel icons by oceansdream7.png Pixel icons by oceansdream8.png Pixel icons by oceansdream9.png Plushmouboo.png Polyrock-headband.png Polyrock-heart.png Potion-grade-a.png Potion-grade-b.png Potion-grade-c.png Potion-grade-d.png Potion.png Potions (From PixelTime).png Props 0 24.png Purple berry.png Purple-potion.png Pyramidion.png QOCWaYD (1).png Recipe-level-1.png Recipe.png Red berry.png Red mycota.png Red pepper.png Red-crystal.png Red-potion.png Repulse-grade-a.png Repulse-grade-b.png Repulse-grade-c.png Repulse-grade-d.png Revive.png Rhincus skull 2.png Rhincus skull.png Rose.png Ruby - Clint Bellanger.png Ruby - purple.png Ruby.png S Light01.png S Light03.png S Poison01.png S Poison07.png Scoop.png Serum.png Shaft with shading.png Shammer skull 2.png Shammer skull.png Shields (From PixelTime).png Shroom1.png Shroom2.png Shroom3.png Shroom4.png Silver-lingot.png Silver-ore.png Sledgehammer.png Snake-tongue.png... further results

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