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Provisional Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

Original compositions[edit | edit source]

Cavalcadeur has composed a battle theme for Tuxemon.

File:Tuxemon Test 2 - PART 1.ogg File:Tuxemon Test 2 - PART 2.ogg

Event Music[edit | edit source]

  1. Title screen; when you pick your first tuxemon: The Adventure Begins 8-bit Remix
  2. While you ride your hoverboard: Through Pixelated Clouds
  3. Win game; credits: JRPG_princess
  4. Win battle: JRPG_winBattle
  5. Win Pillar battle: JRPG_winBattleBig
  6. When you go to sleep: JRPG_goodNight
  7. When you receive healing at a Centre; when you wake up from sleep: JRPG_goodMorning
  8. Morphing: JRPG_winBattleFinal

Place Music (Generic)[edit | edit source]

  1. Pillar HQs: JRPG_docks_loop
  2. Towns and Cities: JRPG_town_loop
  3. Pillar HQ: JRPG_battleBoss_loop
  4. Inside: JRPG_royalCourt_loop

Route Music (Generic)[edit | edit source]

  1. Dungeon/cave route: Stand With Us
  2. Wild route: Peasant Kingdom
  3. Sea route: Lunar Joyride

Place Music (Specific)[edit | edit source]

  1. City Park: back34
  2. Abandoned Mansion: Melody Eternal
  3. Dojo of the Five Elements: Taking Poison
  4. Omnichannel HQ: Why do the nations so furiously rage together
  5. Dryad's Grove: JRPG_mysticIsle

Battle Music (Generic)[edit | edit source]

  1. Legendary battles: Boss Introduction
  2. Pillar battles: Valor of Heroes
  3. Wild battles: JRPG_battle
  4. Trainer battles: We Persist
  5. Rival battles: JRPG_battleFinal

Battle Music (Specific)[edit | edit source]

  1. Dojo battles: Unending Strike

Music Library[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this page is to identify all the music available for the game's sound track, as well as what we think the most effective use of it is. If a piece of music has an assigned role in the game, mention that here.

Music can be identified by:

  • Location: Town, wilderness, etc.
  • Risk: Is there a sense of danger, or challenge, or safety?
  • Mood: Spooky, industrious, weird, sad, etc.

Terms[edit | edit source]

Domestic: Could suit a shop, cafe, town, etc.

8bit style/chiptune music[edit | edit source]

Aeitia[edit | edit source]

Peasant Kingdom, CC BY 3.0

  • A village or town, especially one that feels a little old fashioned or medieval

The Lobster Game, CC0

The Simplest Song Ever, CC BY 3.0

Boss Introduction, CC BY 3.0

Trevor D Lentz[edit | edit source]

Trevor Lentz

Taking Poison, Melody Eternal, CC BY-SA 3.0

  • Creeping menace?
  • Spooky but exciting ruins?


  • Evolution?

Stand with Us

  • Action-adventure

Valor of Heroes

  • Battle?

8bit style music[edit | edit source]

Tom Peter, CC BY-SA 3.0

  1. And I must follow if I can: Music for an exciting, upbeat moment, like a journey beginning
  2. back34: Music for an exciting, upbeat moment, like a new route

The Adventure Begins 8-Bit Remix[edit | edit source]

bart, CC BY 3.0

Music for general adventuring/journeying. Or perhaps unique music for the first town/a part of the first town?

Lunar Joyride (8-Bit)[edit | edit source]

FoxSynergy, CC BY 3.0

Music for a scene where you're doing something unusual and new, but fun.

Through Pixelated Clouds[edit | edit source]

bart, CC BY 3.0

Music for some kind of transportation - a barge or hoverboard or something.

JRPG Collection[edit | edit source]

Yubatake, CC BY 3.0

  1. battle_loop: Music for a battle
  2. dungeon_loop: Music for a dungeon, or another place where battle is likely
  3. fields_loop: Music for a bittersweet/old-fashioned/melancholic location, like a graveyard, flashback, return to previously visited place
  4. gameOver: Sound effect for a sad, brief, final event
  5. goodMorning: Sound effect for something starting, e.g. the game, or waking up
  6. goodNight: Sound effect for something where the mood or intensity is going down
  7. labyrinth_loop: Music for mysterious, spooky and dangerous places
  8. mainTheme: Perhaps not upbeat enough for main Tuxemon theme
  9. princess: Music for something a little out of the way, like a rest, or maze, or shrine or grove. Not dangerous, but unusual/secluded
  10. royalCourt_loop: Music for a scene with action but not conflict
  11. temple: Music for a place that is a bit off, but not creepy
  12. town_loop: Music for a domestic place or a scene with industrious people
  13. winBattle: Sound effect for a victory
  14. winBattleBig: Sound effect for a victory

JRPG Collection 2[edit | edit source]

Yubatake, CC BY 3.0

  1. levelUp: Sound effect for a tuxemon leveling up, or an item being used
  2. machineRoom_loop: Music for a puzzle room or factory
  3. mysticIsle: Music for a location that is spooky, but not dangerous
  4. shop_loop: Music for a domestic location
  5. winBattleBoss: Sound effect for an important victory
  6. winBattleFinal: Music for an important victory (longer than the other "wins")
  7. battleBoss: Feels like it's trying too hard for a boss battle. Maybe could be the music for a dangerous, spooky place with machinery
  8. battleFinal: Music for an important battle; it changes dramatically in mood - maybe too much
  9. characterRevived: Sound effect for healing
  10. discovery: Sound effect for something being uncovered or found
  11. docks_loop: Music for a domestic location, or for a place with battles - like a Pillar or a route with enemy trainers
  12. inn_loop: Music for a domestic location
  13. joinParty: Sound effect for a successful capture of a tuxemon

Generic 8-bit JRPG Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

avgvsta, CC BY 3.0

  1. Opening: Not sure
  2. BWV 1007 - Prelude: Music that is moody but not dangerous, like the soundtrack for the backstory
  3. Why do the nations ...: Not sure
  4. Santuary: Music for a safe place
  5. Reunion: Music for a reunion, or inside an important house
  6. Rebels Be: Music for a scene with freinds or allies, or when putting a plan in motion
  7. Town: Music for a unique town
  8. Overworld: Music for a route (or all routes)
  9. Here the Deities Approve: Music for a unique location
  10. The Empire: Music for inside a Pillar
  11. Ostrich: Music for journeying, but quite short - so while passing through a gateway/rest stop, or something?
  12. Timeworm Pagoda: Music for the dojo, or an alien location
  13. Danger: Music for a challenge or dangerous place
  14. Barbarian King: Music for a town, or a serious flashback
  15. Dungeon: Music for when the action intensifies. Quite short.
  16. Enter the Empire: Music for a slow procession/ceremony, e.g. a wedding or something being awarded near the end of the game
  17. Victory: Bit melancholic for a victory, I think
  18. Nighttide Waltz: Music for mysterious and strange stuff with a bit of action too, e.g. coming across a legendary
  19. Courtesan: Music for a domestic scene
  20. Game Over: Music for the end of the game

Other music[edit | edit source]

Random Encounter[edit | edit source]

Aeitia, CC BY 3.0

I think this track is incredible. For a battle.

Monster RPG 2 Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

Monster RPG 2 soundtrack, CC0

Boss Battle Theme[edit | edit source]

Doppelganger, CC BY-SA 3.0

Music for a battle

Messenger Boy soundtrack[edit | edit source]

CC BY-SA 3.0

Red Doors v2.0[edit | edit source]

matthew.pablo, CC BY 3.0, although Matthew has quite specific preferences for how he is credited

Music for a battle

The Last Encounter[edit | edit source]

matthew.pablo, CC BY 3.0, although Matthew has quite specific preferences for how he is credited

Music for a battle

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