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This is the "Monster" template. It should be called in the following format:

|Alternative Names=
|Source Explanation=
|Main Details=
|First URL=
|Name Origin=
|Design Origin=
|TXMN Completed=
|TXMN Completed Exists=
|TXMN Types=
|TXMN Sub-Elements=
|TXMN Body Shape=
|TXMN Sexes=
|TXMN Stages=
|TXMN Terrains=
|TXMN Blurb=
|TXMN Catch Resistance=
|Fusion First=
|Fusion Second=
|TXMN_ES Name=
|TXMN_ES Species=
|TXMN_ES Blurb=
|TXMN_DE Name=
|TXMN_DE Species=
|TXMN_DE Blurb=

Edit the page to see the template text.