Route 5

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A. Flower City

B. Timber Town


Event 1

When you first enter Route 5 through the BROKEN-INTO HOUSE, you are intercepted by a Spyder Rookie, who battles you. She lets slip that she has some knowledge of your character that only an ENFORCER would have.



The trainers are arrayed so that people avoiding grass encounters by walking on the path have to provoke the trainers.

A. Picnicker Sara

  • My Capiti looks cute and all, but I can't wait until it grows into an adult!
  • Capiti level 20
  • Oh well, not today!

B. Soldier Hunter

  • It takes a lot to hold a team together.
  • Elowind level 18, Elofly level 16, Elofly level 16
  • We'll be back.

C. Picnicker Edith

  • Woohoo! Our millionth ant! ... Uhm, I didn't think anyone would hear that.
  • Aardart level 20
  • Let's see if you're so cocky after Aardart eats her two-millionth ant!

(A family of four are together in a clump)

D and E. Little Heirs double battle: Cat Girl Cleo and Snugglepot Patra

  • Mother says you can trace our bloodline back to the kings who once ruled this country.
  • Memnomnom level 20, Panthera fira level 18
  • Oh ancestors, I've failed you!

F and G. Dynamic Dynasts double battle: Homemaker Tryphaena and X Marc

  • You know, we're descended from ... You've already heard it? Oh.
  • Miaownolith level 24, Criniotherme level 22
  • Well, might makes right.