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Ancient Egg +A peculiar egg. If you plant it, maybe it will hatch.  +
Ancient Tea +Adds 1277 to a monster's XP.  +
Badge: Greenwash +Tuxemon purchased from Greenwash require this badge to morph.  +
Badge: Nimrod +Tuxemon purchased from Nimrod require this badge to morph.  +
Badge: Omnichannel +Tuxemon purchased from Omnichannel require this badge to morph.  +
Badge: Scoop +Tuxemon purchased from Scoop require this badge to morph.  +
Badge: Shaft +Tuxemon purchased from Shaft require this badge to morph.  +
Bank App +Access your funds here whenever you're in a town.  +
Bivouac +Rest as if you were at a proper healing centre. Consumed on use.  +
Book of Wishes +The Achievement Maniac's list of achievements for you to attempt.  +
Booster Tech +An open source technology that allows you to morph tuxemon into a different form.  +
Capture Device +Captures a monster.  +
Contacts App +Call your friends and battle the people of your choice.  +
Cure Festering +Rinse out the wound and you'll be right.  +
Cureall +Heals your tuxemon to full health and removes any conditions.  +
Die +Confused? Roll the die and do whatever it says!  +
Dojo Pass +Admit one to the Dojo of the Five Elements.  +
Drone +Switch out one tuxemon on your team for one in storage.  +
Escape Key +Slip out the back door.  +
Feather +Tickle your assailant and force them to relinquish their grip!  +
Fishing Rod +Catch fish.  +
Fusion Report +The new TUXEMON fusion technology! You've scanned this and uploaded it to TUXEPEDIA.  +
Gold Pass +Enjoy the Cathedral's deluxe services.  +
Horseshoe +On the wrong foot? Put a horseshoe on it!  +
Hoverboard +From your Mom. It lets you travel faster.  +