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Main Website: https://opmon-game.ga/

Nature of Contribution: Contributed to a different open source monster taming project

This is the contributor page, for OPMon assets that have been added to the Tuxemon wiki. See also Related Projects for details on the OPMon project. Sanglorian has imported the monsters from this project that, as of April 2018, had sprites and descriptions. However, there are other sprites yet to be important, including trainer sprites (although not in the same style that we use). The project also has open source music and sound effects. The tilesheet is mostly the same as the ones we already use, but there are a few buildings added.

2-0 80px2.pngFile:2-0 80px2.png
37-1 96px.pngFile:37-1 96px.png
Calcinours face.pngFile:Calcinours face.png
Magmortis face.pngFile:Magmortis face.png
1-0 64px1.pngFile:1-0 64px1.png
1-0 64px2.pngFile:1-0 64px2.png
10-0 64px.pngFile:10-0 64px.png
13-0 64px1.pngFile:13-0 64px1.png
2-0 80px1.pngFile:2-0 80px1.png
2-0 80px2.pngFile:2-0 80px2.png
20-0 64px.pngFile:20-0 64px.png
22-0 64px.pngFile:22-0 64px.png
35-0 64px.pngFile:35-0 64px.png
36-1 64px.pngFile:36-1 64px.png
37-1 96px.pngFile:37-1 96px.png
5-0 64px1.pngFile:5-0 64px1.png
5-0 64px2.pngFile:5-0 64px2.png
Boxali face 1.pngFile:Boxali face 1.png
Boxali face 2.pngFile:Boxali face 2.png
Boxali front 64.pngFile:Boxali front 64.png
Boxali front 80.pngFile:Boxali front 80.png
Calcinours face.pngFile:Calcinours face.png
Chibiro face 1.pngFile:Chibiro face 1.png
Chibiro face 2.pngFile:Chibiro face 2.png
Chibiro front 64.pngFile:Chibiro front 64.png
Gouachtiti face1.pngFile:Gouachtiti face1.png
Gouachtiti face2.pngFile:Gouachtiti face2.png
Gouachtiti front 64.pngFile:Gouachtiti front 64.png
Magmortis face.pngFile:Magmortis face.png
Ornitaupe face 1.pngFile:Ornitaupe face 1.png
Ornitaupe face 2.pngFile:Ornitaupe face 2.png
Ornitaupe front 64.pngFile:Ornitaupe front 64.png
Ousirflamme back 64.pngFile:Ousirflamme back 64.png
Ousirflamme face 1.pngFile:Ousirflamme face 1.png
Ousirflamme face 2.pngFile:Ousirflamme face 2.png
Ousirflamme front 64.pngFile:Ousirflamme front 64.png
Rosarin face 1.pngFile:Rosarin face 1.png
Rosarin face 2.pngFile:Rosarin face 2.png
Statursus face 1.pngFile:Statursus face 1.png
Statursus face 2.pngFile:Statursus face 2.png
Verpomme face 1.pngFile:Verpomme face 1.png
Verpomme face 2.pngFile:Verpomme face 2.png
Verpomme front 64.pngFile:Verpomme front 64.png