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About the Game

Some of Our Characters

Missilar.png, Gectile.png, Pipis.png, Beach boy - from Prehistoric (half sized).png, Chromeye fakemon by serpexnessie-davf8yw.png, Magician Front (64x64).png, Ferricran.png, Ruption.png, Jackalope front.png, Happito fakemon by serpexnessie-davf96z.png, Dark robo.png, Elostorm Front 64px.png, Shnark.gif, Spyder rookie.gif, TumbleBee.png, Forturtle-front.png, Agnite by aviculor-da6gkxs.png, Narcileaf.png, Ironsight.png, Lambert.gif, Drokoro 64x front.png, 22.png, Constorch.png, Fluoresfin fakemon by serpexnessie-dau5fof.png, Pisacato.png, Mk01 alpha.png, Vivisource front.png, Snokari front.png, Cocrune.png, Runesquito.png, Medipup.png, Blasdoor.png, Desperfowldo.png, ElowindFront 64px.png, Fuzzina.png, Sovereice.png, Earth nymph.gif, Dune-pincher-front.png, Strella.png, Stonifly.png, Tarpeur front.png, Nimrod boss.gif, FT Front (64x64).png, 2 by levaine-da6ftul.png, Punk - from Prehistoric.png, Millilil.png, Baby bear.png, Botbot-front.png, Seirein fakemon by serpexnessie-davf8ul.png, Bearloch.png, Volconey.png, Xeon-2.png, Incandesfin fakemon by serpexnessie-dau5fs6.png, Nudiarmor.png, Selmatek front 64.png, Imbrickcile.png, Woodoor.png, Gangster.png, Fowltlaw.png, Waysprite.png, Xylocarp .png, Monghoul.png, Lapinou.png, Snaki front.png