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About the Game

Some of Our Characters

Baby-cub-front-alt2.png, Sludgehog-front.png, Sharpfin front 2.png, Allagon (from alloy and dragon).png, 9 1 64x64.png, Riagal.png, 24.png, Grimachin.png, Dragarbor.png, Ferricran.png, Mingdyn.png, Sadito fakemon by serpexnessie-davf9bm.png, Overflood.png, Conglolem.png, Sclairus front 64.png, Prophetoise-front.png, Chopple.gif, Firomenis front 64px.png, Rhinocarp efront.png, Wailing Prince.png, Drokoro 64x front.png, Aviator.gif, Pigabyte-front.png, Snorilla.png, Cairfrey.png, Foofle-front.png, Soldier1.png, Skullorm.png, Waysprite.png, Nudiarmor.png, Vivicinde r front.png, Aardorn 64px.png, Muscletaur.png, 7 by levaine-dabti6h.png, Nemo03-front.png, Loliferno.png, Nurse.gif, Houndice.png, Pisteel.png, Trojerror.png, Free for use batch1 64px.png, Dandicub-front.png, Male-trainer-front.png, Dandylion-front.png, Juju professorgreen.png, Novaquarius.png, 1OxJFhy.png, Seraphice.png, Tadcool.png, Cardiwing fakemon sprite by spalding004-d5ky0e ip.png, Orc front.png, Monghoul.png, 6 by levaine-damt69o.png, Katadorn.png, Foxfire-front.png, Water nymph.gif, Beaverbot front.gif, Komodraw fakemon by serpexnessie-dau02iq.png, Altie front.png, Volcanoturtle-front.png, Sumobug front.png, Fishbot-frot.png, Slichen.png, Manosting.png