Leather Town

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Leather Town.png
Leather Town (labeled).png


A. City Park

B. Route 3

C. Riverboat Station

After Timber Town.


s. Fishing/Surfing



Sign a

  • City Park: Proof that beauty and mining can co-exist

Sign b

  • Route 3: Rehabilitation will begin as soon as possible. Please stop nagging us.

Signs d

  • Shaft Headquarters: Mining Division
  • Shaft Headquarters: Public Relations Division

Sign e

  • Open Air Cafe and Marketplace

Sign z

  • Leather Town Business District


  • How is your adventure so far? ... Wow, so talkative! You are really coming out of your shell.

D. Shaft HQ

E. Outdoor Cafe

The south-east is an outdoor Cafe.


  • Welcome back. Shall I chuck your tuxemon in the healing unit? (Y/N)


  • How are you going with updating the Tuxepedia App? (if 20 or above) Great progress! Here's a Cureall in thanks. (if below 20) Good work. I have a reward for when you reach 20.

F. Battle Pit

Two tuxemon are battling, with their trainers also in the ring.


  • Arr, one of the services we offer here is the battle pit. Would you like me to match you with a trainer who lives in the area, or someone over the Internet? (Area/Internet/No thanks)

(If you choose "area", you fight a random NPC trainer. If you choose "internet", you fight a human over the Internet)


Not on map yet.

Leather Town Museum