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Nature of Contribution: Commissioned to create

 Source Explanation
ApeoroOriginal art by CrisFarias. Front, back and face sprites by Involuntary Twitch.
MetesaurSprites by Involuntary Twitch from art and design by TheBritanniaRegion.
QuetzalrockilusSprites by Involuntary Twitch from art and design by TheBritanniaRegion.
TetrchimpOriginal art by CrisFarias. Front and back sprites by Involuntary Twitch.

1566113760990 quetzalrockius back.pngFile:1566113760990 quetzalrockius back.png
1566113761205 quetzalrockius.pngFile:1566113761205 quetzalrockius.png
1566113761348 metesaur back.pngFile:1566113761348 metesaur back.png
1566113762639 metesaur.pngFile:1566113762639 metesaur.png
Apeoro back.pngFile:Apeoro back.png
Apeoro sprite.pngFile:Apeoro sprite.png
Tetrchimp back.pngFile:Tetrchimp back.png
Tetrchimp sprite.pngFile:Tetrchimp sprite.png
Tuxemon icons 1.pngFile:Tuxemon icons 1.png
Tuxemon icons 2.pngFile:Tuxemon icons 2.png
Tuxemon icons 3.pngFile:Tuxemon icons 3.png
Tuxemon icons 4.pngFile:Tuxemon icons 4.png
Tuxemon icons 5.pngFile:Tuxemon icons 5.png
Tuxemon icons 6.pngFile:Tuxemon icons 6.png
Tuxemon icons 7.pngFile:Tuxemon icons 7.png
Tuxemon icons 8.pngFile:Tuxemon icons 8.png