How to Upload Content to the Wiki

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Joining the Wiki

Contact Sanglorian on the Tuxemon Discord, and he will create an account for you (wiki page).

Adding Images

In the sidebar, there's an "Upload file" link. Click on that, and upload the image.

For each image, assign categories for:

  • What the image is of (e.g. Rockitten)
  • What scale the image is in - typically the dimensions of the image. For example, most front sprites are 64 by 64 pixels.
  • What type of image it is (e.g. a Front Sprite)
  • If the image is the Main one, or an Alternative.
  • Who created or contributed to the sprite.

Example Categories


[[Category:Drashimi]] [[Category:princess-phoenix]] [[Category:Front Sprite]] [[Category:Main]] [[Category:64px]]

Sushi mons 13.png

[[Category:Drashimi]] [[Category:princess-phoenix]] [[Category:Front Sprite]] [[Category:Alternative]] [[Category:80px]]


[[Category:Rockitten]] [[Category:ShadowApex]] [[Category:Main]] [[Category:Back Sprite]] [[Category:64px]]

Rockitten face.png

[[Category:Rockitten]] [[Category:Face Sprite 1]] [[Category:Main]] [[Category:24px]] [[Category:Leo]]


[[Category:Rockitten]] [[Category:Face Sprite 2]] [[Category:Main]] [[Category:24px]] [[Category:Leo]] [[Category:Sanglorian]]