Greenwash HQ

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Must make your way through the greenhouses first, where experimental tuxemon are loose (the long grass encounters).

This is a multi-level forest with trainers and random encounters, and a healing location.

When you fight the big boss, the CEO of GREENWASH, she drops the FUSION REPORT. You upload it to TUXEPEDIA. Now any tuxemon with a 'PEDIA entry (i.e. any that you've captured) can be fused.

When you leave, the strike diffuses, because "We've gathered all the remaining lab tuxemon and either released them into the wild or taken them as pets. There's nothing that the ENFORCERS can do!"



In the ruins of the pillar store:


The Fossilisator


Around 16, typically 1 TXMN each, around level 24


  • "I spend all day watching my CATEYE - I'm going to catch it blinking!"
  • Cateye level 24
  • "Ugh, it didn't even blink when it fainted!"


  • I have developed unmatched computing power!
  • Pigabyte level 25, Cochini level 23
  • Needs more power!


  • My tuxemon are unstoppable in the sunlight!
  • AV8R level 22, Criniotherme level 22, Tikorch level 22
  • ... Almost unstoppable.