Gaming Hall

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Gaming Hall.png

Start from the first tile after the red carpet, which is blank. It would cost $200 (or whatever) per go. These would count as credits, so $200 would display in the top right of the screen.

A die is rolled on the screen, and you move forward as many spaces as it indicates. Then whatever that tile indicates happens. Then another die is rolled, and you move forward that many spaces. The game continues until you land on a skull (you slide all the way to the end, losing your credits but keeping any items you got) or you get to the end.

  • Skull: Game ends (lose your credits)
  • Up Arrow: Fight a monster (you can catch it)
  • Side Arrow: Get an item
  • II: Double your credits
  • III: Triple your credits
  • ./..: Halve your credits
  • ./...: Divide by a third your credits


If you lose a few times in a row, the game could open a new possibility to win. For example, the third time you lose you would see a hole in the wall you could slip through to skip a part. Or the owner of the game gives you the price if you defeat him/her in battle or if you do him/her a favor. (tamashihoshi)