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Alternative sprites

Earth occurs in Tuxemon.

Monsters of This Type


There are 39 completed Earth-type monsters.

 MainImageFrontSpriteTXMN TypeSpeciesTXMN Blurb
AardartMissingAardorn 64px.pngEarthAnteaterIt keeps count of every ant it has eaten, and celebrates significant numbers.
AardornMissingAardorn 1.pngEarthSnoutWhen born it is placed in an anthill and left to eat its way out.
CairfreyMissingCairfrey.pngEarthHostA jolly piece of furniture who awoke one morning and decided to explore.
ChenipodeMissingChenipode front.pngEarthTravel BugIt bites onto shoelaces and trouser legs when it wants to travel.
Frost ApeIt is rumoured to live atop snowy mountains, but no clear photo of it has ever been taken.
CochiniMissingCochini front 64.pngEarthTastyIt is as intelligent and aware as a three-year old child. It tastes delicious.
ColeorusMissingColeorus front.pngWood
TimelessIt has existed, unchanged, for millions of years.
CowpignonMissingCowpignon front.pngWood
EnhancementSome people dry it out and eat it as a medicinal enhancement.
DinoflopMissingDinoflop front.pngEarthVolte-faceDINOFLOP delights in quickly turning away from its attackers so their blows land on its shielded and spiny back.
EndurosMissingEnduros front.pngEarthDefensiveENDUROS is an aggressive brawler that does not pull its blows. Out of the ring, it is quite sociable.
ExapodeMissingExapode front.pngEarthBig FrightfearIt waves its legs to attract attention, but mostly people just run away.
FoofleFoofle-main.pngFoofle-front.pngEarthWoollyWhen one is in danger, all FOOFLE hear its cries, wherever they are.
ForturtleMissingForturtle-front.pngEarthOracle BoneIt heats its shell to read the future from the cracks that emerge.
GalnecMissingGalnec front 64.pngEarthDry DesertGALNEC buries itself deep in the hot sands of the desert, only its stony tail above ground. In packs, they look like gardens of stone.
IgneousIt is said that each is the walking heart of a volcano.
GrintotMissingGrintot.pngEarthPebbleIt is a GRINTROCK or GRINFLARE that has experienced erosion.
ThunderstoneIt feeds by sitting out in thunderstorms, waiting to be struck by lightning.
GummyOnce grabbed by a GRUMPI, its sticky tacky body is impossible to escape from.
HampotamosMissingHampotamos front.pngEarthHungryIt nibbles on RINOCEREED, clearing away dead skin, moss and weeds.
HappitoMissingHappito fakemon by serpexnessie-davf96z.pngEarth
Ecstatic EmotionWhy can't people always be happy? HAPPITO will give them exactly what they want, even if it is not what they need.
Jemuar75.pngKo6RWYx.pngEarthPrecious BoulderThe gems on its back are the type found when it was born. There are extensive ROCKITTEN breeding facilities over diamond veins.
MetesaurMetesaur.png1566113762639 metesaur.pngEarth
MeteorThis tuxemon would enjoy diving into the ground and leaving marks. Sometimes, the tuxemon would misjudge the hit and land in trees, starting huge and dangerous forest fires
MiaownolithMiaownolith mtc-studio.png5 by levaine-da7svx8.pngMetal
DesolateIt can speak the human tongue, but only to say cryptic riddles.
PolyrockMissingPolyrock front.pngEarthGrasshopperIt disguises itself as a human child to sneak into dojos and learn from martial arts masters.
QetzlrokilusQuetzalrockilus.png1566113761205 quetzalrockius.pngEarth
Long WingedThis tuxemon would dive into groups of other dinosaur tuxemon and burn them. They also enjoy setting forests alight and dropping their ashes into water to spoil its purity.
RabbitosaurMissingRabbitosaur.pngEarthRabbitIts tunnels are extensive and wide, the site of tremendous wars between burrows.
RhincusMissingRhincus-front.pngEarthMissing LinkIt has some properties of a reptile and some of a bird.
RockatRockat-main.pngRockat-front.pngEarthSleek BoulderDespite its considerable weight, its footfalls are silent.
RockittenRockitten-main.pngRockitten-front.pngEarthCute BoulderIt uses its tiny rock ears for snuggling.
SelketMissingSelket front.pngEarthSand ScorpionLying in wait beneath the sand, they can feel their prey through the vibrations of their footsteps.
SelmatekMissingSelmatek front 64.pngEarthSand SteedKept by the ancient kings of the deserts, SELMATEK served as watchdogs, hunting companions and - now - defenders against grave robbers.
ShammerMissingShammer-front.pngEarthFossilIn ancient times it hunted RHINCUS beneath ashen skies.
SludgehogMissingSludgehog-front.pngEarthGarbageIt lives in rubbish, and eats it too. Its spikes seem sharp, but it can soften them at will.
SnarlonCommission snarlon by slickedbackartisan dd30wd4.pngSnarlon.pngEarthWesterlyIt does not fly, but its feet never touch the ground. The king of paradox.
SquabbitMissingSquabbit.pngEarthRabbitTo prove themselves, they will fight tooth and nail over even the smallest thing.
ToufigelMissingToufigel front.pngEarth
PowderIt appears to be a fluffy insect, but it is actually a reptile coated in soft snow.
VividactilMissingVividactil front.pngEarthExhumedIn ancient times, the Year of the VIVIDACTIL marked a time of renewal and the restoration of authority.
VivipereMissingV front.pngEarthPotentiaIt hatches in great numbers in the summer, but the rest of its lifespan is a mystery.

Not completed

There are 50 completed Earth-type monsters.

 MainImageFrontSpriteTXMN TypeSpeciesTXMN Blurb
BabysnitchBabysnitch.pngMissingEarthFuminousThe fuming BABYSNITCH will throw itself into the attack, usually with little effect. But beware: if you laugh at its efforts, it will hunt you once it grows into a BADDRSCRATCH.
BaddrscratchBadderscratch.pngMissingEarthFuminousThe furious BADDRSCRATCH is a fearsome hunter, and it will not stop in its pursuit of its prey - even in the face of certain death.
BatuskinBatuskin.jpgUseruploads 26853506-3158-4b38-9f29-3669ef244194 batuskin.pngEarthNaked Dragon
BishosandMcjo10.pngMissingEarthSand Bishop
BoxoroxMissingBoxorox.pngEarthPugilistThe dumber it gets, the harder its rocky body becomes.
BushmeowQuasar 2.pngMissingEarth
CarcharockMissingFree for use batch1 64px.pngEarthFossil
ClaymoriorQuasar 20.pngMissingEarthTerracottaIt is said that only one in a thousand can rule over the CLAYMORIOR as a REGALANCE.
ConglolemMissingConglolem.pngEarthThe gel has long ago dried out, but CONGLOLEM continues.
CoproblightMissingCoproblight 1.pngEarthDung PileCoproblight were attracted to piles of dung, especially those created by large prehistoric Tuxemon. They would dig in these piles to acquire more dung to build up their bodies and find useful defensive parts, like bone shards.
DabbadooMissingQuasar 29 64px.pngEarthFossil Dodo
EggmileArtwork-Eggmil.jpgMissingEarthThe smiling baby tuxemonIt's always ravenous. Never let your fingers near its mouth...
EquillMissingEquill-front.pngEarthCaveIts bitterness causes it to transform. It hides its ugliness in the dark.
FowltlawMissingFowltlaw new.pngEarth
FuzzletMissingFuzzlet.pngEarthWhen a child is no longer around to play with their toys, they sometimes come to life.
It stores its memories in its rocky shell. If some fall off, it is forgetful.
GrunselArtflow 201608020313b3f0e.jpgMissingEarthWeaselMischievous little buggers. I've lost several pairs of underwear to them.
HoarseMissingHoarse-front.pngEarthFieldIt appears to be a farm animal, but it was mistreated by its owner.
HoarseshooMissingHoarseshoo-front.pngEarthAttercobIt is what is left when an EQUILL's shadow eats its body.
IgnebarkIgnebark.pngMissingEarthQuartzMany desert emergency teams use this tuxemon to track lost souls in the vast desert of the region - as they have both a keen sense of smell and great stamina. They can use their huge, padded paws to dig their way under the mountains of sand to find the missing.
KnightsandMcjo9.pngMissingEarthSand Knight
LimewoofLimewoof.pngMissingEarthLimestoneTheir constant and persistent excitable energy causes them to run round in circles for most of the day - and after a while cause huge sandstorms! They are quite the playful little pupper, and love to munch on limestone, hence their name.
MoripurrQuasar 3.pngMissingEarth
PawsandMissingMcjo 64 7.pngEarthSand Pawn
PilthropusMissingPilthropus1.pngEarthMissing LinkFound alongside Tuxemon such as Rhincus, Pilthropus is the oldest humanoid Tuxemon to date. They can create and wield crude stone tools.
QuiptailQuiptail colorwork by golantreviz de1rfy4.jpgMissingEarth
RegalanceQuasar 21.pngMissingEarthTerracottaIt can summon a halberd whenever it needs.
RokushigonRokushigon.jpgMissingEarthPanpipe Dragon
RooksandMissingMcjo 64 8.pngEarthSand Rook
SpeedoscelisSpeedoscelis colorwork by golantreviz de1rj7l.jpgMissingEarth
TerrexMissingTerrex 64.pngEarth
TigrowMissingQuasar 1 64px.pngEarth
TumbledilloMissingTumbledillo new.pngEarth
YabbaMissingQuasar 28 64px.pngEarthChickenIt roamed the lands millions of years ago. It's believed they died out due to their poor diet of pebbles.