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Main Website: https://www.deviantart.com/darkysg

Nature of Contribution: Commissioned to create

Beanstalk dog fakemon sold by darkysg-dbr3api.pngFile:Beanstalk dog fakemon sold by darkysg-dbr3api.png
Turnip dog fakemon sold by darkysg-dbqulya.pngFile:Turnip dog fakemon sold by darkysg-dbqulya.png
Wendigo fakemon sold by darkysg-dbr6xqs.pngFile:Wendigo fakemon sold by darkysg-dbr6xqs.png
6 by levaine-dcim10v.pngFile:6 by levaine-dcim10v.png
7 by levaine-dcim11p.pngFile:7 by levaine-dcim11p.png
8 by levaine-dcim12q.pngFile:8 by levaine-dcim12q.png