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See Category:Monster for all tuxemon or Creature Progress Tracker for those that still need some sprites created.

The first 154 completed tuxemon are collected in Set 1. The remaining 57 are in Set 2.

There are 211 completed tuxemon so far.

 Default64pxTXMN TypeSpeciesTXMN Body ShapeTXMN BlurbMainCall
AV8RBirdbot - josepharaoh99.pngMetalHeliotropeFlierIf the sun is out, it can fly as far or as high as it likes.File:353624 josepharaoh99 game-shot-light-gun.wav
AardartAardorn 64px.pngEarthAnteaterVarmintIt keeps count of every ant it has eaten, and celebrates significant numbers.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
AardornAardorn 1.pngEarthSnoutVarmintWhen born it is placed in an anthill and left to eat its way out.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
AbesnakiAbesnaki-front2.pngFireShield-MaskSerpentEach face is a different pattern, and some say the symbols spell out words in a dead language.File:Ghost 1.ogg
Agnidon2 by levaine-dalaeg8.pngFireFalse DragonDragonIt prefers four legs, but can stand on two to open doors, push over trees or hold things.File:353067 josepharaoh99 bite-cartoon-style.mp3
Agnigon3 by levaine-dalb6gr.pngFireFalse DragonDragonIt is called a "false dragon", because it appears to be a dragon, but actually evolved from a different line of ancient reptiles.File:354182 josepharaoh99 creature-roar.mp3
AgniteAgnite by aviculor-da6gkxs.pngFireFalse DragonDragonIt is playful, but must be taught early on to keep its fire in check.File:Foom 0.wav
AllagonAllagon (from alloy and dragon).pngMetalDragonDragonAllagon are drawn to relics made from the metals left behind by their ancestors, and will be violent to retrieve them.File:354182 josepharaoh99 creature-roar.mp3
AltieAltie front.pngMetalAlienHumanoidALTIE floated down to earth in a bubble. Now its bubble has popped, it cannot float more than a few metres in the air.Missing
AngritoAngrito fakemon by serpexnessie-davf995.pngFire
Enraged EmotionBlobIt cannot understand why humans feel rage and hatred, but ANGRITO feels these urges too.Missing
AnoleafAnoleaf.pngWoodSproutVarmintIt considers the plants growing near it to be its brothers and sisters.File:Misc 06.ogg
AnuAnu front.pngMetalDream FoxVarmintIt is said that it enters others' dreams to search for its lost love.File:Bark.wav
ApeoroApeoro sprite.pngMetalOld BlockHumanoidThe kings of old used psychic powers to transfer their souls into these golden computing machines. Now they live on, unable to communicate but still dreaming of empires.Missing
AraigneeAraignee.pngMetalWeaverGrubPedants who say all spiders have eight legs are strangely quiet on the case of ARAIGNEE.File:Insekt001.ogg
ArthroboltArthrobolt-front.pngMetalForemanHumanoidIt feels uncomfortable commanding its fellow NUT and BOLT, and usually runs away. But then the NUT and BOLT have no one to instruct them.File:Steel Clang (Superpowers).wav
AxylightlAxylightl-front.pngWaterInchoatePolliwogIt lights the deep waters with its tail, marking a safe shelter for fish.File:Spit 01.ogg
B-ver.1Beaverbot front.gifMetalGnawerVarmintIt is designed for all those times you need something to be bitten by a robot.File:353067 josepharaoh99 bite-cartoon-style.mp3
BamboonBamboon-front.pngWoodPrehensileSpriteIt fights with its bamboo staff, which it also uses for balance.File:Woosh-1.wav
BanlingBanling.pngWoodSepulchreBruteEach BANLING is waiting for a homeless spirit to nestle in its branches.Missing
Beenstalker7 by levaine-dcim11p.pngWoodScarytaleHunterWhat BEENSTALKER lacks in sense and grace, it makes up for in sheer enthusiasm and goodwill. It delights in scaring off vermin, but never harming them.Missing
BigfinDollfin-front.pngWaterIslandLeviathanA whole ecosystem exists on its back, so it tries not to go underwater.File:Burble 02.ogg
BirdlingBirdling-tamashihoshi.pngWoodBird BrainFlierThe ignorant believe that it carries its own egg upon its back. It is the guard for a far more important egg than that.File:Cute 01.ogg
BoltBolt-front.pngMetalHardwareBlobThe presence of a BOLT makes a NUT clamp down harder and spark more energy.File:Steel Clang (Superpowers).wav
BoltnuDdm212m-2131efb9-32b9-410a-a298-c4a30e81df84.pngMetalScrewdriverIt spends most of its time digging burrows into the grounnd, it remains dizzy from the constant vibrations and movement caused by them digging into the soil.Missing
BotbotBotbot-front.pngMetalSocketGrubIt is a universal robot that can be adapted for any purpose.File:353624 josepharaoh99 game-shot-light-gun.wav
BoxaliBoxali front 64.pngMetalMacropodBruteWith its long blue cape, BOXALI can glide above the ground - allowing it to perform stunts and aerial attacks.Missing
Budaye4 by levaine-dalforb.pngWoodMutualSpriteIt can convince any group to cooperate for the common good with some encouraging mewls and waves.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
HonourBruteIts sword is actually an antenna grown and snapped off for that purpose.File:Swords Clash.wav
BumbulusBumbulus.pngWaterVeiledBlobBumbulus is a flying being that produces a cloud of smoke to disguise itself as a cloud. No one has ever seen its true body.Missing
BursaBursa.pngFireToo HotHumanoidIt rejects fire as "basic", and produces only the fire of the mind.File:Terminal 03.ogg
CairfreyCairfrey.pngEarthHostBlobA jolly piece of furniture who awoke one morning and decided to explore.File:Ghost 1.ogg
CapitiCapiti front.pngWoodWoodwoseSpriteIt looks like a baby, but some specimens have been found that are hundreds of years old.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
CardilingCardiling fakemon sprite by spalding004-d5ky07l.pngFireFirebirdFlierOne wouldn't expect it to breathe fire, until it does.File:Woosh-1.wav
CardinaleCardinale fakemon sprite by spalding004-d5ky0jw.pngFireFirebirdFlierIt hates all predators with a passion, and makes war with them and their young when it can.File:Woosh-1.wav
CardiwingCardiwing fakemon sprite by spalding004-d5ky0e ip.pngFireFirebirdFlierIts song is remarkable, but few dare keep an explosive songbird.File:Woosh-1.wav
CataspikeCataspike.pngMetalPointyGrubIt learns to fight from observation. Left to its own devices, it uses its spike to pick up rubbish.File:Insekt001.ogg
CateyeNemo03-front.pngMetalSentinelHunterThey say it blinks once a year, in honour of summer's end.File:262314 steffcaffrey cat-meow3.wav
ChenipodeChenipode front.pngEarthTravel BugGrubIt bites onto shoelaces and trouser legs when it wants to travel.File:Insekt001.ogg
ChibiroChibiro front 64.pngWoodFalse TurnipVarmintIt is found in forests and fields, where it is often mistaken for a turnip.Missing
Frost ApeBruteIt is rumoured to live atop snowy mountains, but no clear photo of it has ever been taken.File:Ice.wav
ChloragonChloragon.pngWoodDragonDragonIt hatches when an ancient egg is planted in fertile soil. When the eggs run out, there will be no more CHLORAGON.File:353067 josepharaoh99 bite-cartoon-style.mp3
ChromeyeChromeye fakemon by serpexnessie-davf8yw.pngMetalMixed EmotionBlobCHROMEYE was created to observe and learn how humans think and feel.Missing
CochiniCochini front 64.pngEarthTastyVarmintIt is as intelligent and aware as a three-year old child. It tastes delicious.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
ColeorusColeorus front.pngWood
TimelessSpriteIt has existed, unchanged, for millions of years.File:Insekt001.ogg
TaigaBlobIf it sneezes, an avalanche occurs. It has a permanent sniffle.File:Ice.wav
ConileafConileaf Front (64x64).pngWoodPitcherBlobFoods placed in its pitcher are blended and pickled. They are used to store food without it going off.File:Burp 02.ogg
CorvixCervix front 64.pngMetalHorned RaptorFlierIt arms its wings with bone shards from its victims.File:Swords Clash.wav
CowpignonCowpignon front.pngWood
EnhancementSpriteSome people dry it out and eat it as a medicinal enhancement.File:Die 04.ogg
CriniothermeCriniotherme front 64.pngFireMercuryHunterIts mane shines during the day, grows big and red at sunset, and blows away as ash at night.File:354182 josepharaoh99 creature-roar.mp3
DandicubDandicub-front.pngWoodFloretBlobAfter a litter is born, they float all over the world and never see their family again.File:262314 steffcaffrey cat-meow3.wav
DandylionDandylion-front.pngWoodLion's ToothHunterIt gives birth to one litter in its life. Then it wanders the world trying to find them.File:Roar 03.ogg
DinoflopDinoflop front.pngEarthVolte-faceDragonDINOFLOP delights in quickly turning away from its attackers so their blows land on its shielded and spiny back.File:353067 josepharaoh99 bite-cartoon-style.mp3
DjinnboDjinnbo-front.pngFireVengeanceHumanoidIt is mistakenly believed that it is a human who died in a fire. Actually, its relatives did.File:Ghost 1.ogg
DollfinDollfin-front-.pngWaterJoyfulAquaticEach one follows a ship from place to place, exploring the world.File:Spit 01.ogg
DracuneDracune.pngWaterCloakedBlobIt is immobile during the day, but can wriggle and bite at night.File:Grunt 02.ogg
DragarborDragarbor.pngWoodDragonDragonWhen it feels it is coming to the end of its life, it travels to a graveyard where it plants itself. Its tail flower grows forever.File:Monster 06.ogg
DrokoroDrokoro 64x front.pngFireDragonDragonOnce it had a family, but it ate its parents, and it ate its children, and it ate its mate, and it ate all of its kind.File:354182 josepharaoh99 creature-roar.mp3
Dune PincherDune-pincher-front.pngWaterHermitGrubThese hermits will wrap themselves in whatever is closest. In the desert, that is the burial shrouds of long-dead pharaohs.File:Bug 09.ogg
Eaglace9 by levaine-dabti61.pngWaterCirrusFlierWhen it takes flight, clouds form. When it claps its wings, hail falls.File:Woosh-1.wav
EloflyEloflyFront 64px.pngWaterCloudburstFlierAn ELOFLY on its own is patient and wise, but when it flocks in great numbers it becomes violent and impulsive.File:Woosh-2.wav
ElostormElostorm Front 64px.pngWaterCloudburstFlierKings and queens, the ELOSTORM rule their people and have great ambition.File:Woosh-2.wav
ElowindElowindFront 64px.pngWaterCloudburstFlierThe lieutenants of the ELOFLY family, ELOWIND shepherd the flock and keep it focused.File:Woosh-2.wav
EmbazookGunnerturtle front.pngFire
GunnerPolliwogIt is trained for use in war and it knows no other life.File:Spell fire 07.ogg
EmbraEmbra.pngFireFlickerBlobIt eats everything it can to grow big enough to become a RUPTION.File:Foom 0.wav
EndurosEnduros front.pngEarthDefensiveBruteENDUROS is an aggressive brawler that does not pull its blows. Out of the ring, it is quite sociable.Missing
EruptibusVolcanoturtle-front.pngFireHot RockLandraceSmiths work with it, heating up metals in its caldera.File:Troll 02.ogg
ExapodeExapode front.pngEarthBig FrightfearGrubIt waves its legs to attract attention, but mostly people just run away.File:Insekt001.ogg
ExclawvateDdm2123-4948e6bd-2116-4936-8755-45095d7ed12c.pngMetalDiggerOften seen on construction sites, they can use their huge hands and tail to scoop up dirt and rubble. Underneath the tuxemon are caterpillar tyres, giving them a beter balance and grip while climbing heaps of rubble.Missing
EyenemyEyenemy-front.pngMetalPupilSerpentIt feeds on beautiful views and other spectacular sights.File:Retro beep 05.ogg
EyesoreEyesore-front.pngMetalOverseerSerpentIt remembers everything it has ever seen, but not the order that it has seen it in.File:Retro beep 05.ogg
Fancair6 by levaine-damt69o.pngMetalDeadly FanSpriteIf someone leaves their fan running when they do not need it, it comes alive and flies out the window to find someone who actually needs to be cooled.File:353624 josepharaoh99 game-shot-light-gun.wav
FerricranFerricran.pngMetalDragonOnce, the Ferricran were covered all over with adamantine scales, and had wings of mithril.File:354182 josepharaoh99 creature-roar.mp3
FlaconoFlacono front.pngMetalHorned RaptorFlierIt is totally unafraid of adversaries, and will attack an enemy of any size without hesitation.File:Swords Clash.wav
FlambearFlambear.pngFireToo HotBruteIt can be tracked from the trail of boiled berry bushes and roasted trout it leaves in its wake.File:354182 josepharaoh99 creature-roar.mp3
FluoresfinFluoresfin fakemon by serpexnessie-dau5fof.pngWaterLight FinAquaticWhen threatened, it huddles together with other Fluoresfin to create a large blinding light to disorientate predators.File:Spit 02.ogg
FluttaflapFluttaflap.pngWaterSanguineGrubIt feeds on impurities, so it returns purified blood to those it sucks on.File:Eat 03.ogg
FoofleFoofle-front.pngEarthWoollyVarmintWhen one is in danger, all FOOFLE hear its cries, wherever they are.File:Monster 17.ogg
FordinFordin 64.pngWoodPetrifiedLeviathanWhen threatened, it curls into a ball and bounces away.Missing
ForturtleForturtle-front.pngEarthOracle BoneHumanoidIt heats its shell to read the future from the cracks that emerge.File:Troll 01.ogg
FoxfireFoxfire-front.pngFireSmokeVarmintFOXFIRE cubs are found in fires that burned out overnight. No one knows where they come from.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
Frondly5 by levaine-dam2fdf.pngWoodHelping HandSpriteIt can do anything with its prehensile tail, even shake hands and pick fruit.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
FruiteraFruitera-front.pngWoodTiny BatFlierFRUITERA is greedy for fruit, and carries as much as it can. When startled, it drops all its fruit, gathers it all up again, and only then runs away.Missing
FurnursusOusirflamme front 64.pngFireFireplaceHumanoidFURNURSUS are friendly, and often forget that their bodies are too hot for others to touch.Missing
GalnecGalnec front 64.pngEarthDry DesertHunterGALNEC buries itself deep in the hot sands of the desert, only its stony tail above ground. In packs, they look like gardens of stone.Missing
GectileGectile.pngWoodClimbingHumanoidIt is so quick and light that it can walk on leaves.File:Misc 06.ogg
GhosteethGhosteeth-front.pngMetalCheshireBlobIt smiles because it knows how everyone it meets is going to die.File:Ghost 1.ogg
GraffikiGouachtiti front 64.pngMetalGamutHumanoidGRAFFIKI are as at home in cities as they are in the jungle, tagging their territory with elaborate paintings.Missing
GrimachinGrimachin.pngMetalSpookHunterIt was made by a toy company to be a pet, but was too dangerous.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
IgneousBruteIt is said that each is the walking heart of a volcano.File:Misc 07 metal.ogg
GrintotGrintot.pngEarthPebbleBruteIt is a GRINTROCK or GRINFLARE that has experienced erosion.File:Misc 12.ogg
ThunderstoneBruteIt feeds by sitting out in thunderstorms, waiting to be struck by lightning.File:Misc 06 wood and metal.ogg
GummyBruteOnce grabbed by a GRUMPI, its sticky tacky body is impossible to escape from.Missing
HampotamosHampotamos front.pngEarthHungryLandraceIt nibbles on RINOCEREED, clearing away dead skin, moss and weeds.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
HappitoHappito fakemon by serpexnessie-davf96z.pngEarth
Ecstatic EmotionBlobWhy can't people always be happy? HAPPITO will give them exactly what they want, even if it is not what they need.Missing
HatchlingHatchling-tamashihoshi.pngWoodEggFlierWhen an egg does not want to hatch and begin its next life stage, it becomes a HATCHLING.File:Cute 01.ogg
Heronquak8 by levaine-dabti68.pngWaterCrestedFlierThe crystal on its chest is mistaken for a diamond by poachers. It melts when it is removed from HERONQUAK's body.File:Woosh-1.wav
Short CircuitHumanoidIt utilises an experimental technology that creates power from water.File:Steel Clang (Superpowers).wav
IgnibusMagmaturtle-front-alt.pngFireHot RockPolliwogWhen threatened it retreats into its shell and cools down dramatically by venting steam. It could be mistaken for a rock.File:Spell fire 07.ogg
IncandesfinIncandesfin fakemon by serpexnessie-dau5fs6.pngWaterLight FinAquaticIts entire body has massively grown in size. However, its light is still the exact same.File:Burble 02.ogg
JemuarKo6RWYx.pngEarthPrecious BoulderHunterThe gems on its back are the type found when it was born. There are extensive ROCKITTEN breeding facilities over diamond veins.File:354182 josepharaoh99 creature-roar.mp3
K9Petbot front.gifMetalCuteHunterIt is a helpful companion that can pull a tonne of weight.File:353624 josepharaoh99 game-shot-light-gun.wav
StanceGrubIt stays in a meditative pose for its chrysalis, moving only to jab enemies.File:Insekt001.ogg
KatapillSumobug second prevolution - sang.pngMetal
BeatGrubIt is born fighting. It has to punch out of its eggshell or be trapped.File:Insekt001.ogg
KomodrawKomodraw fakemon by serpexnessie-dau02iq.pngFireQuickdrawHumanoidIt uses its claws to carve its firearm out of wood, and uses it for powerful ranged attacks.File:Monster 05.ogg
LambertLambert-front.pngWoodGumnutSpriteIt is placed in its nut by its parent, who then sends it into the world.File:Bug 03.ogg
LapinouLapinou.pngMetalThlayVarmintWhen SQUABBITS were taken as fashionable pets, they adapted to domestic life and lost their violent natures.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
LegkoLambert Evo Take II first attempt.pngWoodLizardSerpentLong thought to be legless, its leaves are actually vestigial limbs.File:Bug 03.ogg
LightmareLightmare fakemon by serpexnessie-dau5g5k.pngWaterNightmare FuelLeviathanIt lurks in the depths of the ocean, luring any unsuspecting prey using its light right into its large, gaping mouth.File:Burble 02.ogg
MRmOswitchMonkeybot-front.pngMetalGremlinSpriteThese cheeky robots are used for their fine motor skills, but they love pranks.File:353624 josepharaoh99 game-shot-light-gun.wav
ManostingManosting.pngWaterBalloonBlobIt floats across the tops of cities, contemplating sharks.File:Spit 01.ogg
MasknakeMasknake-tamashihoshi-light tail.pngFireSerpent's ToothSerpentWhen frightened or aggressive, it flashes a beautiful pattern with its tail.File:Monster 19.ogg
MemnomnomMemnomnom-front.pngMetalRelicHunterIt is said that each one's mask is the face of a different dead king.File:262314 steffcaffrey cat-meow3.wav
Metesaur1566113762639 metesaur.pngEarth
MeteorFlierThis tuxemon would enjoy diving into the ground and leaving marks. Sometimes, the tuxemon would misjudge the hit and land in trees, starting huge and dangerous forest firesMissing
Miaownolith5 by levaine-da7svx8.pngMetal
DesolateHunterIt can speak the human tongue, but only to say cryptic riddles.File:Roar 05.ogg
MolochMoloch-front.pngWoodDevilBruteIt can stiffen or soften its skin to respond to friends and foes.File:Growl1.wav
MystikapiMystikapi-front.pngMetalPrescientLandraceThe MYSTIKAPI's saliva augments psychic powers. It licks its eyes and ears to heighten its senses.Missing
NarcileafNarcileaf.pngWoodGardenerBlobWhen a SHYBULB has restored a garden to glory, it morphs and proudly takes credit for its work.File:Cute 04.ogg
NeutritoNeutrito fakemon by serpexnessie-davf94p.pngMetal
Calm EmotionBlobNEUTRITO feels nothing. The perfect machine?Missing
NoctaloNoctalo front.pngWaterNightcrawlerFlierIt inhabits only places abandoned by humans - castles, graveyards and sewers.File:Grunt 04.ogg
NoctulaNoctula front.pngWaterNightcrawlerFlierIt eats bugs and PIPIS eat fruit, so despite living in close proximity they do not compete.File:Monster 17.ogg
NostrayRaynose.pngWaterProbiscusAquaticIt can smell anything in the ocean, no matter how far away.File:25819 freqman splash-1.wav
Nudiflot ♀Nudiflot take 2.pngWaterFloppedPolliwogIt eats and stores the poison of the sea creatures that it feeds upon.File:25819 freqman splash-1.wav
Nudiflot ♂1 by levaine-da6ftsr.pngWaterFlotsamPolliwogIts feathery antennas snap off if it is attacked, confusing the predator.File:25819 freqman splash-1.wav
Nudikill3 by levaine-da6on7x.pngWaterDark BishopPolliwogThey are called Dark Bishops because their heads are reminiscent of a bishop's hat.File:25819 freqman splash-1.wav
Nudimind2 by levaine-da6ftul.pngWaterReveriePolliwogIt dreams of oceans under other skies.File:25819 freqman splash-1.wav
NuenfluNuenflu front.pngWaterSnowballVarmintIt snuggles in homes in the winter months, spreading diseases.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
NutNut-front.pngMetalHardwareBlobIn the great ships that cross the oceans, thousands of NUT and BOLT provide power and hold the steel plating together.File:Steel Clang (Superpowers).wav
OctabodeOctabode front.gifWaterHermitPolliwogOCTABODE make ancient vessels and artifacts their homes, dreaming of the lives of those who used the relics before them.Missing
OuroboutletOuroboutlet fakemon by serpexnessie-davf8fy.pngMetal
Infinite EnergySerpentThe circuit focuses energy, creating a new type of electricity called griefed-lightning.File:Misc 10.ogg
PairagrimPairagrim front.pngWoodTwo-Headed FalconFlierOne of Pairagrim's heads is always searching for prey, while the other focuses on flying at great speed.Missing
PantherafiraPanthera fira Front.pngFireMercuryHunterEach member of the pride lights their mane from a shared bonfire. As long as that fire burns, their strength is shared.Missing
PharfanPharfan front 64.pngWaterLittle ElephantLandraceAt the watering hole it keeps its friends RINOCEREED and HAMPOTAMOS well watered.File:Cute 02.ogg
PiCCFishbot-frot.pngMetalBladderAquaticIt accompanies divers, providing much needed oxygen.File:Spit 02.ogg
PigabytePigabyte-front.pngMetalElectric PigBlobScientists found that the best computers have organic implants.File:354183 josepharaoh99 robotic-pig.mp3
PipisPipis.pngWoodEchoFlierIts cries are considered a bad omen, but it is a gentle creature.File:Woosh-2.wav
PoinchinPoinchin.pngWaterSpinyGrubPOINCHIN make nests in the coral and can be tempted out by bread and milk.Missing
PolyrockPolyrock front.pngEarthGrasshopperBruteIt disguises itself as a human child to sneak into dojos and learn from martial arts masters.File:Stones 04.ogg
PossessunPossessun.pngMetalVisitorBlobIt is a ghost that inhabits a dead CAIRFREY.File:Ghost 1.ogg
PropellercatPropellercat-front.pngMetalEurekaFlierIs it a new species, or just the pet of an inventor?File:262314 steffcaffrey cat-meow3.wav
ProphetoiseProphetoise-front.pngFireDragon BoneHumanoidIts heavenly fire is something foes rarely see coming.File:Spell fire 07.ogg
PuparmorPuparmor.pngMetalFortifiedBlobIts cocoon is so hard, people are knocked out if a PUPARMOR is dropped on them. They were once loaded into cannons and catapults.File:Insekt001.ogg
PyraminxNemo01-front.pngMetalNobleHunterIt has a tomb hidden somewhere in the land. If it finds it, it can sleep.File:Growl1.wav
PythockDdm211h-8bbce8a5-b622-428d-a959-9a99d5004626.pngMetalPuppet MasterUsing its shadow puppets, it can use them to fight its opponent with great accuracy and speed. They are much more confident, and will sometimes even use their shadow puppets to entertain small children at puppet shows.Missing
PythwirePythwire fakemon by serpexnessie-dau8woj.pngMetalPower SocketSerpentObservations of wild PYTHWIRE inspired the inventor of the first electrical outlet.File:Misc 10.ogg
Qetzlrokilus1566113761205 quetzalrockius.pngEarth
Long WingedFlierThis tuxemon would dive into groups of other dinosaur tuxemon and burn them. They also enjoy setting forests alight and dropping their ashes into water to spoil its purity.Missing
RabbitosaurRabbitosaur.pngEarthRabbitVarmintIts tunnels are extensive and wide, the site of tremendous wars between burrows.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
RhincusRhincus-front.pngEarthMissing LinkFlierIt has some properties of a reptile and some of a bird.File:Stones 04.ogg
RockatRockat-front.pngEarthSleek BoulderHunterDespite its considerable weight, its footfalls are silent.File:Growl1.wav
RockittenRockitten-front.pngEarthCute BoulderHunterIt uses its tiny rock ears for snuggling.File:262314 steffcaffrey cat-meow3.wav
Rosarin1-0 64px2.pngWoodEvery ThornHumanoidRosarin's love is incredible, he's only asking some affection.Missing
RuptionRuption.pngFireBonfireBruteOnce Embra's flame becomes hot enough, it engulfs its entire body, essentially replacing it in the process.File:Foom 0.wav
SaditoSadito fakemon by serpexnessie-davf9bm.pngMetal
Lamenting EmotionBlobWhen a person is feeling too sad, SADITO will carry that burden for them.Missing
SampsackSampsack.pngMetalBrawnBruteA scientist wanted to separate his personalities, but he split his body.File:Human 06.ogg
SampsageSampsage.pngMetalBrainsHumanoidA scientist took a drug that made him clever by day and violent by night.File:Retro beep 06.ogg
SapragonSapragon.pngWoodDragonDragonIn olden times, each element had a mighty dragon - but those creatures have diminished and are rare in these days.File:Growl1.wav
SapsnapSapsnap.pngWoodBarbedBruteIts terrific anger is off putting, but it passes quickly.File:Growl1.wav
SaurchinSaurchin.pngWaterSpinyDragonBy night, SAURCHIN emerge from the coral reefs to hunt bigger prey on land.Missing
SclairusSclairus front 64.pngWoodFallowBlobWhen a crop is left unharvested - be it from laziness or disaster - its scarecrow becomes a dark and living creature.File:Bug 03.ogg
SeireinSeirein fakemon by serpexnessie-davf8ul.pngFire
Spirit FireBlobIt grows lonely in the swamps, so it burns brightly to draw travellers near - but it is painfully shy and flits away when they approach.File:Teleport 02.ogg
SelketSelket front.pngEarthSand ScorpionGrubLying in wait beneath the sand, they can feel their prey through the vibrations of their footsteps.Missing
SelmatekSelmatek front 64.pngEarthSand SteedGrubKept by the ancient kings of the deserts, SELMATEK served as watchdogs, hunting companions and - now - defenders against grave robbers.Missing
ShammerShammer-front.pngEarthFossilHunterIn ancient times it hunted RHINCUS beneath ashen skies.File:Bark.wav
SharpfinSharpfin front 2.pngWater
RipAquaticIt is invisible in the water, being visible only when it leaps out of the water to drag animals on the shore back into the deep.File:353067 josepharaoh99 bite-cartoon-style.mp3
ShnarkShnark.gifWaterDisguisedAquaticSHNARK wears its last meal's flesh as a disguise so it can get close to its trusting prey.Missing
ShybulbShybulb.pngWoodGardenerSpriteWhen a garden is neglected, a SHYBULB moves in and quietly tends the droopy plants.File:Cute 03.ogg
SkwibSkwib front.pngWaterNaivePolliwogThe SKWIB contentedly floats through the ocean, examining potential shell-homes. It has to fear for its life before it will finally make a choice.Missing
SludgehogSludgehog-front.pngEarthGarbageLandraceIt lives in rubbish, and eats it too. Its spikes seem sharp, but it can soften them at will.File:Grunt 04.ogg
SnakiSnaki front.pngWaterFalse SerpentSerpentSNAKI is a snake that has learned to grow legs by examining the motion of lizards and crocodiles.Missing
SnarlonSnarlon.pngEarthWesterlyHunterIt does not fly, but its feet never touch the ground. The king of paradox.File:354182 josepharaoh99 creature-roar.mp3
SnockDdm210x-67f46e40-65da-43c9-b93b-3d6b0051be3a.pngMetalSockThe snake-like creature hides under the safety of its sock cover. If startled, it will flail and lie very still on the ground to avoid attention.Missing
SnokariSnokari front.pngWaterHydraSerpentThe two heads of SNOKARI each hold great wisdom, but they never agree.Missing
SnowrillaSnorilla.pngWaterYetiBruteIt delights in playing tag with skiers on desolate slopes.Missing
SockeserpSockeserp fakemon by serpexnessie-daulp7c.pngMetalPower Socket SnakeSerpentAn otherwise formiddable enemy, SOCKESERP is easily dispatched if it gets tangled up.File:Misc 10.ogg
SpighterSpighter.pngWoodEyerachnidGrubIt's not fair that something so good at sneaking up on people, can't be snuck up on itself.File:Bug 05.ogg
SpoilurmVerpomme front 64.pngWoodDetritusSerpentSPOILURM disguise themselves as apples, and wait in trees to eat the unexpecting.Missing
SpycozeusSpycozeus front.pngMetal
WillpowerVarmintThe whispered communications of the forest are given physical form in SPYCOZEUS, which thinks like the trees.Missing
SquabbitSquabbit.pngEarthRabbitVarmintTo prove themselves, they will fight tooth and nail over even the smallest thing.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
Statursus5-0 64px2.pngFireInner FireHumanoidSTATURSUS has learned to channel its emotions into a single pure flame. The mere sight of it sends others into a trance.Missing
StrellaStrella.pngWoodTrailingFlierIts tails are lures to convince bugs to bite them and be trapped.File:Woosh-2.wav
SumchonSumobug front.pngMetal
WrestlingBruteIt uses its weight to trip much larger enemies. It is as dense as a star.File:Grunt 03.ogg
TarpeurTarpeur front.pngWoodRestfulGrubThey rest and grow. They also grow and rest. Rarely, they rest without growing or grow without resting.Missing
TaupypusOrnitaupe front 64.pngWaterFlatfootVarmintUpon their birth, a TAUPYPUS' eyes are burst by its mother. That way, their eyes will never sting when they dive into the water.Missing
TetrchimpTetrchimp sprite.pngMetalChipHumanoidThey absorb any information they come across. Their constant chatter communicates everything they have learned in order.Missing
TigrockTigrock-front.pngMetalEx MachinaHunterIt is said that it had to invent itself because an evolution was not designed.File:Echo-gurgle-whoosh 1.wav
TabooBlobThe guardian of a forest-dwelling people, it keeps guard and resolves disputes.File:Spell fire 06.ogg
TabooBlobIt is the intermediary between forest and volcano, between sun and earth.File:Spell fire 06.ogg
ToufigelToufigel front.pngEarth
PowderVarmintIt appears to be a fluffy insect, but it is actually a reptile coated in soft snow.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
TourbidiTourbidi front.pngWoodElf RingHumanoidIf you find a circle of mushrooms or clover, it is a place where TOURBIDI dance.File:Weird 09.ogg
TrapsnapTrapsnap.pngWoodBarbBruteIts head is the only part of its body that doesn't grow as it ages.File:353067 josepharaoh99 bite-cartoon-style.mp3
TumblebeeTumbleBee.pngMetalDroneFlierIt builds hives that are perfect spheres, with the TUMBLEBEE inside just rolling about and buzzing with laughter.File:Shoot 02.ogg
TumblewormTumbleWorm.pngMetalBuzzkillGrubWhen they have outgrown their honeycomb eggs, they drop to the ground face first.File:Shoot 02.ogg
Turnipper6 by levaine-dcim10v.pngWoodScarytaleHunterWhen a field is abandoned to the crows, locusts and mice, a TURNIPPER will sometimes dig itself out of the ground to defend the crops.Missing
Tweesher7 by levaine-dabti6h.pngWaterHalcyonFlierThe colder the weather, the harder its beak. At below 0 degrees, it is harder than diamond.File:Woosh-1.wav
UrcineUrcine front.pngWoodTemperBruteWhen a FURNURSUS is born without the fire inside, it is abandoned in the forests as an URCINE.Missing
VampormVamporm.pngWaterClotGrubIt thirsts for blood, but must make do with tree sap.File:Bug 12.ogg
VelocitileVelocitile.pngWoodRestlessHumanoidIt can outrun a bullet, but only when it has warmed up.File:Misc 07.ogg
VigueurTarpeur evolutionfront.pngWoodEnergisedBruteVIGUEUR compete to see who can lift the heaviest rocks. When they lift one that is too heavy, it squashes them and scatters TARPEUR seeds.Missing
VivicinderVivicinde r front.pngFireLitSerpentIt makes its nest in long-burning fires, either of its own creation or in memorials, smithies and glassworks.File:Foom 0.wav
VividactilVividactil front.pngEarthExhumedFlierIn ancient times, the Year of the VIVIDACTIL marked a time of renewal and the restoration of authority.Missing
VivipereV front.pngEarthPotentiaSerpentIt hatches in great numbers in the summer, but the rest of its lifespan is a mystery.File:Stones 04.ogg
ViviphytaViviphyta front 64.pngWoodGerminatedSerpentIt is the king of snakes - or at least believes itself to be such.File:Monster 16.ogg
VivisourceVivisource front.pngWaterPurifiedSerpentThe spring it chooses for its home always has a peculiar oniony taste.Missing
ViviteelViviteel front.pngMetalGalvanisedSerpentIt takes the armour of a fallen warrior and repurposes it for a shell.File:Steel Clang (Superpowers).wav
VivitransVivitrans front.pngMetal
SublimatedSerpentThe cold focuses VIVITRANS' mind to a keen edge.File:Ice.wav
VivitronVivitron front.pngMetalSparkedSerpentEarly philosophers used VIVITRON as evidence that natural forces can be tamed and controlled.File:Monster 16.ogg
VolcoliVolcoli front.pngFireSeasonalHumanoidIt is the spirit of a forest. Its hair changes with the seasons.File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
WeaviflyWeavifly.pngMetalBroodGrubWhen it is heavy with egg, it becomes unable to fly.File:Insekt001.ogg
Windeye7 by levaine-damt69m.pngMetalTowerHumanoidLike a mighty tree, WINDEYE plants itself on the top of hills to soak in the sun and wind. Recharged, it then leaves to find another place under the sky.Missing
WrougonWrougon.pngMetalDragonDragonEach Wrougon is born with a patch of rust larger than the patch of its parents.File:353067 josepharaoh99 bite-cartoon-style.mp3
BalanceBlobIt was born the first time a star fell into a black hole.File:Echo-gurgle-whoosh 1.wav
ZunnaZunna 1.pngMetalSlurpyBlobCheerful ZUNNA sucks up all the food it can find into its stomach.File:Eat 01.ogg