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A. Route 2

B. Leather Town



A and B:


  • Phew, we're pooped!


C. Florist:

D. Florist:

  • The flowers look okay, don't they? ... Ever since the mining began in Leather Town, the flowers have been under the weather!


E. Florist Frances

  • I have the finest gardens in all the land. That's why these Shybulb keep turning up.
  • Shybulb level 8, Shybulb level 8
  • You must come and visit some time.

(Disappears by the time the player has made it to Route 6, as Frances appears again then.)

F. Cat Girl Bobette

  • I love cats. An Aardorn is basically a cat, right?
  • Aardorn level 10
  • A cat would have won ...

G. Picnicker Edith

  • Hey, did you say I'm like my tuxemon? I'll fight you for that!
  • Squabbit level 8, Squabbit level 8
  • Hmm, you may have a point.


s. Fishing/Surfing


C. Achievement Maniac's Hut

Achievement Maniac:

(When first spoken to)

  • I'm the Achievement Maniac! I'm young. ... Well, at heart. My body is old and frail. All my life, my dream has been to do the things that no one else has done. Like ... waiting till level 100 to evolve a tuxemon, or giving a dog tuxemon to a Cat Girl. I wrote down all the things I wanted to do in my Book of Wishes. But it's unfinished. ... I know, let me give it to you! You can do all the challenges that I didn't get around to!

(When next spoken to)

  • How are you getting along with the Book of Wishes? Tell me of your achievements ...

(If there have been achievements)

  • You've achieved X?/You've achieved X and Y?/You've achieved X, Y and Z? Fantastic! Let me give you a little memento of your achievement.


  • Huh, nothing new. Well, keep working on it!