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See also [[Set 1]] (the first 156 completed monsters), [[Creature Progress Tracker]] (unfinished tuxemon), [[Completed Tuxemon]] and [[Art of Unidentified Monsters]].
See also [[Set 1]] (the first 156 completed monsters), [[Creature Progress Tracker]] (unfinished tuxemon), [[Completed Tuxemon]] and [[Art of Unidentified Monsters]].
There are {{#ask:[[TXMN Completed Exists::false||TXMN Completed::Complete]] | format=count}} so far.
There are {{#ask:[[TXMN Completed Exists::false]] | format=count}} uncompleted and {{#ask:[[TXMN Completed::Complete]] | format=count}} so far.  
{{#ask:[[TXMN Completed Exists::false||TXMN Completed::Complete]] |limit=400
{{#ask:[[TXMN Completed Exists::false||TXMN Completed::Complete]] |limit=400

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This category uses the form Monster.

See also Set 1 (the first 156 completed monsters), Creature Progress Tracker (unfinished tuxemon), Completed Tuxemon and Art of Unidentified Monsters.

There are 395 uncompleted and 211 so far.

 MainImageFrontSpriteTXMN TypeSpeciesTXMN Blurb
AerodinMissingAerodin 64px.png
Aethangel17 2.pngMissing
AmbearanceAmbearance.pngMissingMetalThe cuddly AMBEARANCE love to comfort and nurture sick and injured monsters. But they would never deliberately harm a monster just for the pleasure of nurturing it back to health.
AmbuwlMissingAmbuwl.pngAmbulanceThe egg in its pouch does not hatch. Instead, it secretes a delicious drink with restorative powers.
Androman44 1.pngMissing
Andron44 0.pngMissing
Angenna17 0.pngMissing
AngoseAngose 17 1.pngMissing
AnimatueurMissingAnimatueur 64.png
ApparironMissingAppariron.pngMetalChained GhostThe horrors and hopes of a prisoner wrongfully on death row can manifest as an APPARIRON, which vainly tries to prove its creator innocent despite being terrifying, without limbs and incapable of speech.
According to legend, ASUDOPT created the world and one day will destroy the world. In the meantime, it sets the world's universal laws.
BabysnitchBabysnitch.pngMissingEarthFuminousThe fuming BABYSNITCH will throw itself into the attack, usually with little effect. But beware: if you laugh at its efforts, it will hunt you once it grows into a BADDRSCRATCH.
BaddrscratchBadderscratch.pngMissingEarthFuminousThe furious BADDRSCRATCH is a fearsome hunter, and it will not stop in its pursuit of its prey - even in the face of certain death.
Bagish5 2.pngMissing
BambulaBambula2.pngMissingWaterVampire FawnDespite their cute appearance, they are actually rather dangerous. They crave blood, and need to drink at least one gallon per day in order to keep their rubber collar 'inflated'. There have been many incidents in the past where inexperienced first time trainers have fallen captive to the fangs of this little deer.
BatuskinBatuskin.jpgMissingEarthNaked Dragon
BedooBedoo-2.pngMissingWaterBed TrapIt swallows its victims whole, forcing them into a deep sleep for a few hours whilst it feasts on their dreams. Often, it will accidentally put their victims into a permanent sleep
BelubyQuasar 7.pngMissingWaterBlack Ice
BerrsharkBerrshark.pngMissingMetalGame SharkBerrshark has the ability to hack into any computer or device, and is supposed to be one of the most intelligant tuxemon ever discovered. Trainers can obtain this tuxemon by hacking into PCs with various cheat codes
BewhichQuasar 19.pngMissingMetal
BibuuniBu 21 1.pngMissing
Binoraffe22 1.pngMissing
BishosandMcjo10.pngMissingEarthSand Bishop
Blastail46 1.pngMissing
Bobuuni21 2.pngMissing
Bonose8 2.pngMissingWood
BoxoroxMissingBoxorox.pngEarthPugilistThe dumber it gets, the harder its rocky body becomes.
Brachifor1 2.pngBrachifor 64px.pngWood
Breem19 2.pngMissing
BrewdinArtflow 2016080201277fc27.jpgMissingMetalGenieBorn in neglected, once prized, pottery and similar treasures. Rumored to grants wishes to those who can make it smile.
BroilinoQuasar 5.pngMissingFire
BrumiQuasar 18.pngMissingMetal
BubbitoiseBubbitoise.pngMissingWaterLittle SquirtOn warm summer nights, the eggs hatch to reveal the vunerable Bubbitoise hatchlings trying their best to crawl to the water as quickly as possible. Predator tuxemon will often stay put near these shores to nab the hatchlings for a quick snack.
BubonusBubonus1.pngMissingMetalMaskedIt is extremely rare, though certainly not unique. Many fools seek this tuxemon to simply boast about it. If the trainer manages to capture the tuxemon, it will see them as worthy and will let them live. However, if they fail, its mask will open to reveal its true face and thus it will look to steal the soul of the 'unworthy' trainer.
BushmeowQuasar 2.pngMissingEarth
Buttereye14 2.pngMissing
Buuni21 0.pngMissing
CaackCa 19 1.pngMissing
CackleenQuasar 17.pngMissingMetal
Caky19 0.pngMissing
CandeerMissingCandeer.pngMetalCandy Raindeer
CandikeCa19 2.pngMissing
CapinyahMonky Front.pngMonky Front 64.pngWoodWoodwose
Carcadey116 Carcadey.pngMissing
Carcarino117 - Carcarino.pngDcwbk16-0ceeedf2-0129-454d-8d42-88772b315fd2.png
CarcharockMissingFree for use batch1 64px.pngEarthFossil
Carfey115 Carfey.pngCarfrey.png
CaterpillardCaterpillard1.jpgMissingWoodFat CaterpillarThey eat ten times their weight in vegetation each and every day, they will often start to eat concrete and bricks if they cannot find enough food to feast their appetite.
CaticaneCaticane.pngMissingMetalAddictionThey will often attack other Caticane to break their glass bodies and extract the addicting chemicals from them. They are very violent, especially under the influcence of their bodily drugs.
Chandelail46 2.pngMissing
Charmella33 0.pngMissing
CheezapCheezap.pngMissingMetalCheetahThey are often seen guarding high security areas and training in camps - although they are not quite as disciplined as they should be! They often mess about with other individuals, or nom on the security cameras and break their lenses.
Choros100 1.pngMissing
Circeece20 1.pngMissing
CircupopCircupop.pngMissingWaterIcecreamThey train hard everyday by building snowmen mixed with ice and rock, before kicking them as hard and as quickly as they can. They also enjoy having snowball fights to help improve their aim.
ClaymoriorQuasar 20.pngMissingEarthTerracottaIt is said that only one in a thousand can rule over the CLAYMORIOR as a REGALANCE.
Clocky29 0.pngMissing
Cnail46 0.pngMissing
CoaldiakCalcinours face.pngMissingFire
CohldrabiCohldrabi main.pngColdrabi.pngWater
Frozen ProduceIt is born underground in cold, snowy areas, and learns how to fly within a few weeks.
ColugaQuasar 8.pngMissingWater
ConglolemMissingConglolem.pngEarthThe gel has long ago dried out, but CONGLOLEM continues.
ConstorchConstorch main.pngConstorch new.pngFire
CoppiQuasar 14.pngMissingWood
CowoadCowoad.pngMissingWoodFour-HornedDue to its four horns and passive aggressive attitude, this tuxemon has been mistaken for a man-eating mythical cow creature high up in the mountains many times. They are rather gentle creatures, often seen wallowing in swamps, though they have been known to charge at humans in the past.
CowoolCowool.pngMissingWoodSilk CocoonCowool are popular first time tuxemon amongst young and inexperienced young trainers. They are relaxed and enjoy resting from hanging branches, absorbing light energy to ready themselves for evolution.
CrabinCrabin.pngMissingWaterFirst MateIn any serious situation, they will simply panic and run about frantically! Their only effective way of avoiding attacks is disguising themselves as dead bones, even then their panicky attitude will blow their cover.
Crustagu123 - Crustagu.pngMissing
CubfortCubfort.pngCubfort fullcolor.pngMetal
DabbadooMissingQuasar 29 64px.pngEarthFossil Dodo
Devidin3 0.pngMissing
Devidra3 1 dinv.pngMissing
DivurfMissingMcjo 64 2.pngWaterDiving Beetle
Draquasar37-1 96px.pngMissingMetal
Driper18 1.pngMissing
Duggot10 0.pngMissing
Earog16 2.pngMissing
EdinologWooden unicorn main.pngMissingWood
Eggatch13 1.png13 1 64x64.png
EkpineWooden pony main.pngMissingWood
EllnessEllness.pngMissingWaterSkullResiding at the bottom of the sea, this tuxemon inhabits the remains of long lost sailors and pirates lost to the ocean. They swarm bodies floating on the surface, before collecting their flesh-stricken bones to add to their collection.
EmperulaEmperula.pngMissingWaterGowned DeerThey will often find abandoned churches and monuments, and will hang upside down from the wooden beams. They are worshipped by the local people. Due to their serene grace and royal appearance, many will often go to their territory to bring them gifts of food and comfort. It is illegal to kill this tuxemon due to its religious symbolism.
EquillMissingEquill-front.pngEarthCaveIts bitterness causes it to transform. It hides its ugliness in the dark.
FeliuxdoFeliuxdo.jpgMissingMetalSuitedThey are quite the quick footed tuxemon, and are very quick to make decisions. Their 'suit' is actually their fur, they are very popular amongst businessmen for their aesthetically pleasing looks.
Ferrell45 0.pngMissing
Ferrior45 2.pngMissing
Ferrmor45 1.pngMissing
FiromenisFiromenis by princess phoenix-d5mihqq.pngFiromenis front 64px.pngFire
FlamberinoQuasar 6.pngMissingFire
FlamguFlamgu.pngMissingFireFireworkDespite its immense power and dangerously immense flames, they are gentle giants. If they witness sadness and melancholy atmospheres, they will often create a mini firework display within their huge paw to cheer others up.
FlaminggoFlaminging.jpgMissingFireSummerIt eats fire, and it gets pinker the warmer it is.
Flear39 0.pngMissing
FliscesMissingFlisces .pngWater
FlummackFlummack 15 1.pngMissing
Flummby15 0.pngMissing
FoilettMissingMcjo 64 3.pngMetalFoil
FolsteinFolstein2.pngMissingWoodTree SmasherThrough evolution, the tuxemon becomes much more aggressive and suddenly feels the need to smash down trees. They contribute significantly to the ecosystem of the region, as they can knock down dead trees and free up space for new plants to bloom
ForighnessMissingForighness.pngWoodVirtueIt is the spirit of god-kings, pontifexes and crusaders.
FowltlawMissingFowltlaw new.pngEarth
FribbitMissingFribbit.pngWaterRuefulIt is said that it was once a boy who licked a freezing lamp post.
FumaggotFree for use batch2.pngMissingMetal
FuzzletMissingFuzzlet.pngEarthWhen a child is no longer around to play with their toys, they sometimes come to life.
GemblinGemblin 1.pngMissingMetalGoblinThey often hide themselves in large piles of treasure to lure people to it, before trying to bite off their fingers for a tasy snack! They are blind, and rely on their acute sense of smell to sniff out their food.
GliffaryMissingQuasar 26 64px.pngFire
It stores its memories in its rocky shell. If some fall off, it is forgetful.
Glomon35 0.pngMissing
GolnagiMissingGupphish Gupphire3.pngFire
Boiling Goldfish
GourdaQuasar 16.pngMissingWood
Grall26 1.pngMissing
GrunselArtflow 201608020313b3f0e.jpgMissingEarthWeaselMischievous little buggers. I've lost several pairs of underwear to them.
GryfixGryfix front.pngMissingMetal
GupphireMissingGupphish Gupphire2.pngFire
Boiling Goldfish
GupphishMissingGupphish Gupphire1.pngFire
Boiling Goldfish
HectapodMissingHectapod.pngWaterSea StormWhen it inflates its dome, it floats to the top of oceans, or even through mist and clouds.
HelipiQuasar 13.pngMissingWood
HiboulaHiboula-2.pngMissingMetalNight GodAccording to legend, this Mythical Pokemon resides upon the tallest mountain peaks, guarding the planet from falling asteroids and intruders from space. Others say that it flies across the world, creating various natural miracles, including the Aurora of the North.
Hikail38 0.pngMissing
HoarseMissingHoarse-front.pngEarthFieldIt appears to be a farm animal, but it was mistreated by its owner.
HoarseshooMissingHoarseshoo-front.pngEarthAttercobIt is what is left when an EQUILL's shadow eats its body.
IgnebarkIgnebark.pngMissingEarthQuartzMany desert emergency teams use this tuxemon to track lost souls in the vast desert of the region - as they have both a keen sense of smell and great stamina. They can use their huge, padded paws to dig their way under the mountains of sand to find the missing.
IronbarrIronbarr.pngIronbarr front.png
JelillowJelillow.pngMissingWaterJelly PillowWhen a person rests their head on Jelillow, its jelly-like skin causes them to fall into a deep sleep. If someone is having sleeping problems, then this monster will be used to help them.
JelunaQuasar 22.pngMissingWaterMoon Phase
Jewlly18 0.pngMissing
JhaleJh 18 1.pngMissing
Jhocto18 2.pngMissing
JiquidJiquid Female.jpgMissingWaterVampire Stag/Vampire DoeFemale Jiquid are often seen guarding the gravestones of babies and children, caring for their spirits in death and acting as a mother figure for the lost souls. They are worshipped by the people, as they symbolise kindness, protection and motherly love.
JujuMissingJuju professorgreen.pngMetal
KitticaineKitticaine.pngMissingMetalInjectionThey prowl the empy rooms of Bedlam, running around trying to burn off the energy given by the drugs inside its system. If they fall down and break, other Kitticaines will rush to it to lick up its liquid, hoping to get a boost from its chemical blood.
KnightsandMcjo9.pngMissingEarthSand Knight
KomothderKomothder.jpgMissingWoodDragonballA very controlling and moody tuxemon, which likes to be in charge of its team members and trainer. They are extremely dangerous, but loyal to their trainers, making them excellent tuxemon for a trainer who cares deeply for their team.
KrabtainKrabtain.pngMissingWaterPirateThrough evolution, their panicky disposition simply disappears as they become strong and brave new leaders. They learn to discipline their cabin crew by hitting at them with its huge and powerful claws.
Kroki1 1.pngKroki 64.pngWater
KrokivipKrokivip.pngKrokivip 64.pngWater
Kumihol48 0.pngMissing
KusiKusi alone.pngMissingWood
LegoplasteMissingLegoplaste 64.png
Lesmagu120 - Lesmagu.pngMissing
LetticeMissingLettice new.pngWater
LimewoofLimewoof.pngMissingEarthLimestoneTheir constant and persistent excitable energy causes them to run round in circles for most of the day - and after a while cause huge sandstorms! They are quite the playful little pupper, and love to munch on limestone, hence their name.
LobossQuasar 25.pngMissingWater
LolihopperLolihopper.pngMissingWaterRockhopper PenguinMany choose to climb the merciless mountains of the region to train and clear their minds. They will often fight under areas where avalanches are most likely to prove their bravery and risk-taking.
LunacalisLunacalis.jpgMissingWoodMooncakeThis tuxemon is very popular around the time of the region's Moon Festival, in which the region celebrates the visit of the moon goddess. They are said to inspire the region's favourite delicacy, the mooncake.
LunightLunar by frozenfeather-da0d5r7.jpgMissingWater
Macat47 1.pngMissing
MagjesticMissingMagjestic.pngFireFormiddableIt is the spirit of all warrior-kings, generals and war-time prime ministers.
MagmortisMagmortis face.pngMissingFireForgotten now, MAGMORTIS was once responsible for the end of an entire generation of monster hunters.
Marvantis7 2.pngMissing
Marvillar7 1.pngMissing
MedushockArtflow 201608020211764d3.jpgMissingFire
JellyfishTend to stay away from shore and known to be aggressive to people. Stingers are used to stun it's prey. Swim safely.
MerlicunMerlicun by princess phoenix-d5mih7a.pngMerlicun front.pngFireDragon Worm
MesoerkkiMesoerkki concept.pngMissing
MillililMissingMillilil.pngFireBurning VenomIt hatches in vast swarms that cover all the vegetation in a place.
MillistingMissingMillisting.pngFireBurning VenomOnly the strongest and largest in a swarm is permitted to evolve.
Millord42 2.pngMissing
Mk01 AlphaMissingMk01 alpha.pngMetal
Mk01 BetaMissingMk01 beta.pngMetal
Mk01 DeltaMissingMk01 delta.pngMetal
Mk01 GammaMissingMk01 gamma.pngMetal
Mk01 OmegaMissingMk01 omega.pngMetal
Mk01 ProtoMissingMk01 proto.pngMetal
Mooty15 1.pngMissing
MooushMooush.pngMissingWoodLily PadEven though Mooush is a Wood type, it enjoys splashing about in water, and can often be seen wallowing in swamps. Since they enjoy rolling in mud and playing in dirty swamp water, their long coats will often get caked in mud. Its trainer must care for the coat on a regular basis in order to avoid lice infections.
MoranideMoranide-resized.pngMissingWaterSea SnakeStories say that this tuxemon would attack oncoming ships and break them in half with their strong tail. They electrocute their victims, before tearing the flesh off them and colllecting their bones.
MoripurrQuasar 3.pngMissingEarth
Mustagon32 0.pngMissing
NebufinNebufin main.pngNebufin.pngMetal
NebulblaMissing36-1 64px.pngMetal
Ned00 Ned the koala.pngMissing
NepdronNep 16 1.pngMissing
Neptisch16 0.pngMissing
NepungandrNep 16 2.pngMissing
Ninjasmine3-1.pngMissingWoodNinjasmine poisons his opponents quickly using his two poison swords.
OctotangleOctotangle.pngMissingWaterSprinklerThis dark and powerful tuxemon enjoys hiding in the piles of toys in abandoned toy shops, ready to feast upon the souls of curious children hoping to steal a toy. They absorb their spirit, allowing their tentacles to grow and their shell to grow harder.
Ora99 1.pngMissing
Owlock13 2.png13 2 64x64.png
PairagrinPairagrin - 002.pngMissingWoodThe Two-Headed FalconThe young form of Pairagrim, it is a generally happy creature. It struggles to fly until the two heads learn to work together.
Palander17 1.pngMissing
Palmpot12 0.pngMissing
PandosivePandosive.pngMissingFireFire PandaThrough evolution, the lantern on the tuxemon begins to rip, allowing a more flames to escape through the safety of the paper wrapping. When it is excited, its tail will flash and make a happy crackling sound, almost like a firework.
PanternPantern.pngMissingFireLanternClusters of Pantern will often be seen with their tails softly glowing at celebrations and parties. When they attack, the flame of their lantern turns a bright blue and becomes much hotter.
ParappiQuasar 15.pngMissingWood
Patchimal31 0.pngMissing
PatheakPatheak I.pngMissingWaterSelf-ConfidenceThis small and chubby little tuxemon has little self-confidence, so without its unique feature, it would be practically useless in battle. However, with the love and support of its trainer, the tuxemon can transform into a very strong and courageous form!
PawsandMissingMcjo 64 7.pngEarthSand Pawn
Pigraft41 0.pngMissing
PineconeyMissingJackalope front.pngWood
PiratonPiraton.jpgMissingWaterPirate Piranha
PisacatoMissingPisacato.pngWaterBlue NoteAfter hearing its tone, you can sing perfectly all day.
PoiseamPoiseam.jpgMissingWaterWater VapourIt is most commonly found in bathrooms, lurking on flat surfaces (especially windows). This is normally after someone has used hot water.
PondiveMissingMcjo 64 1.pngWaterDiving Beetle
Quanthus24 1.pngMissing
RapfiQuasar 10.pngMissingMetalHummingIt uses its tail as a shield. It likes to pierce hard berries with its beak.
RapierdQuasar 12.pngMissingMetal
RapiereQuasar 11.pngMissingMetalFencerIt battles with finesse using its beak as a sword. The two tails allow it to maneuver more quickly, and block incoming attacks.
RaptoucanMissingRaptoucan.pngWoodTropicalIt is formidable and aggressive, but only eats fruit.
RebarrBear cub main.pngBaby-cub-front-alt2.pngMetal
RegalanceQuasar 21.pngMissingEarthTerracottaIt can summon a halberd whenever it needs.
ReinsweetPulsar reinsweet.pngMissingMetalCandy Reindeer
RhinocarpeMissingRhinocarp efront.png
RiagalMissingRiagal.pngWaterInheritanceIt is the spirit of dynasts, benevolent dictators and bureaucrats.
RinocereedMissingRinocereed .pngWoodIt is voraciously hungry because it grows so quickly - and it does not limit itself to plants.
RokushigonRokushigon.jpgMissingEarthPanpipe Dragon
RooksandMissingMcjo 64 8.pngEarthSand Rook
Ruffoon37 0.pngMissing
Sabertaur30 0.pngMissing
Samurepple029 by crisfarias-dci3rny.pngDd8bcjn-d783e170-670c-4731-ba3a-166168c20059.pngWood
Scrillar21 1.pngMissing
SearinoQuasar 4.pngMissingFire
SecuripawSecuripaw.pngMissingMetalRuthless, merciless and silent, this tuxemon can hunt out intruders with its advanced built-in technology. They will often dig their sharp, saber teeth into their opponents, often hospitalising them.
Shelagu122 - Shelagu.pngMissing
Sheye43 0.pngMissing
ShimmerainMissingShimmerain.pngWaterThey say that when a rainbow appears over water, the SHIMMERAIN are spawning.
Shrab9 1.pngMissing
SlenstalkerSlenstalker.jpgMissingMetalAbductingIt hides in the forest, seeking out lost children that chose to play in the forest without their parents' permission. Some say that the tuxemon scares the unforunate children, others say they feast on the children's souls before turning them into haunted trees.
SlentacleSlentacle.jpgMissingMetalBlack-EyedOften seen photobombing normal family photographs, it stares at the camera with its empty black eyes until the camera lens cracks.
SlichenMissingSlichen.pngWoodIt is a gel that sparked to life and begins making a body for itself of stone and rock.
SnairalSnairal.jpgMissingWoodSpiraled TreatThey are very popular amongst bakers and pastry chefs, as it inspires them to bake their treats according to the shape of the tuxemon's shell. Snairal is a very delicate tuxemon, as its shell is easily broken and crumbled.
SolightSolar by frozenfeather-da0d52q.jpgMissingFire
PulsarA villainous team is plotting to use SOLIGHT to create a miniature sun in order to create a new planet.
SovereiceMissingSovereice.pngWaterFormiddableIt is the spirit of philosopher-kings, ambassadors and vice-chancellors.
Spacules4 2.pngMissing
SpadybugSpadybug 20 1.pngMissing
Spall26 0.png6 1 64x64.png
Sparepple028 by crisfarias-dci3roo.pngDd6jyge-f22d06e8-2285-409e-8387-535916b4747a.pngWood
Spectrug23 1.pngMissing
Speetle4 1.png4 1 64x64.png
Sphake10 2.pngMissing
Spidion51 1.pngMissing
SpirainRain spirit.pngMissingWater
Spirell51 0.pngMissing
Sporrior51 2.pngMissing
Spreye14 1.pngMissing
SprightlyMissingSprightly.pngWoodA timid plant, it pops its head aboveground to drink water and sunshine.
Sprorm10 1.pngMissing
SquinkMissingSquink.pngWaterSea SprayIt is named for the noise it makes when it is all out of ink.
Squish5 1.png5 1 64x64.png
StealjorFree for use batch3.pngMissingMetal
StegoforStegofor1 1.pngStegofor.pngWood
Strenguin12 1.pngMissing
Suitowl34 0.pngMissing
SwanfoilMissingMcjo 64 4.pngMetalAluminium
TadcoolMissingTadcool.pngWaterAlarmIt croaks to warn people when they are walking near thin ice.
TerrexMissingTerrex 64.pngEarth
TigrowMissingQuasar 1 64px.pngEarth
TophistoneMissingTophistone new.pngFire
TornicaneStorm spirit.pngMissingWater
ToucanaryMissingToucanary.pngWoodTropicalIt only has bright feathers because it grew up surrounded by flowers.
Toxiris2-0 80px2.pngMissingWoodToxiris is extremely powerful, it violently poisons everything in his way.
Trasto25 0.pngMissing
TreasurblinTreasurblin.pngMissingMetalTreasureThey are very greedy tuxemon, and will often attack those seeking to steal their supply of treasure. Their golden fan is covered in the dust from their gold and shiny treasure.
TuluxTuxemon tulux.pngMissing
TumbledilloMissingTumbledillo new.pngEarth
Tux2016-10-21 capitol-du-libre teeshirt 2016 by-David-Revoy.jpgTux-front.pngWaterPenguin
TuxaloTuxemon tuxalo.pngMissing
UF0Quasar 33.pngMissingMetalSpace Cutie
UproutMissingUprout.pngWoodWhen it has grown, its ears peel away to show wings that it uses to fly into the trees above where it grew.
UrcheedleMissingUrcheedle fakemon by serpexnessie-davwu63.pngWaterSpikedIt can't move or attack, so it sits still and prays that the opponent damages itself on its many needles.
VadampfVadampf.jpgMissingWaterVapour MonsterBefore every session, saunas are to be searched for any Vadampf, this is a legal requirement.
VerglastaQuasar 9.pngMissingWater
VoldragonQuasar 30.pngMissingFire
VulpyreFoxfire evolution.pngMissingFire
VykingVyking.jpgVyking front.pngMetal
WapuruQuasar 24.pngMissingWaterWhirlpoolIt has a whirlpool for a tail, which it uses to pedal itself around the ocean. Sometimes the pressure is too strong and it gets stuck, creating a whirlpool.
Weastoat3 1.png3 1 64x64.png
WeedlantisMissingMcjo 64 6.pngWood
WeedseaMissingMcjo 64 5.pngWater
WendiggerWendigo fakemon sold by darkysg-dbr6xqs.png8 by levaine-dcim12q.pngWood
WisturtleWisturtle-resized.pngMissingWaterOrbitTheir magic located in their huge shells helps regulate the temperature of the water surronding it. They will often shelter fish tuxemon with their huge fins and underbelly.
Witty47 0.pngMissing
Wizane47 2.pngMissing
Wizereign47 3.pngMissing
WolffskyMissingWolffsky front.pngWood
Wuppy16 1.pngMissing
XylocarpMissingXylocarp .pngWaterBassEveryone believes it is man-made, but no one admits that they made it.
YabbaMissingQuasar 28 64px.pngEarthChickenIt roamed the lands millions of years ago. It's believed they died out due to their poor diet of pebbles.
YamadaQuasar 27.pngMissingMetal
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