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This category uses the form Item. There are 81 so far.

See also Category:Main Sprite, which has sprites that could illustrate items.

Story Items

 MainImageItem CategoryMainSpriteTXMN Description
AardantMissingStory ItemAardant.png
Ancient Egg0 0.pngStory ItemT7FiZjz.pngA peculiar egg. If you plant it, maybe it will hatch.
Book of WishesMissingStory ItemW Book07 24x24.pngThe Achievement Maniac's list of achievements for you to attempt.
Dojo PassMissingStory ItemToll-pass.pngAdmit one to the Dojo of the Five Elements.
Earthmover KeyMissingStory ItemAdmin-key.png
Fusion ReportMissingStory ItemTourbidi-fight-record.pngThe new TUXEMON fusion technology! You've scanned this and uploaded it to TUXEPEDIA.
Gold PassMissingStory ItemPixel icons by oceansdream13.pngEnjoy the Cathedral's deluxe services.
Rhincus FossilMissingStory ItemRhincus skull.png
Shammer FossilMissingStory ItemShammer skull.png
Spyder PassMissingStory ItemItem5.pngThis should let you in to places only Spyder conspirators are meant to go.

Functional Items

 MainImageItem CategoryMainSpriteTXMN Description
Bank AppChest.pngFunctional ItemIridescent item 7.pngAccess your funds here whenever you're in a town.
BivouacMissingFunctional ItemPixel icons by oceansdream4.pngRest as if you were at a proper healing centre. Consumed on use.
Capture DeviceJosepharaoh99-ball.pngFunctional ItemCapture device.pngCaptures a monster.
Contacts AppMissingFunctional ItemGreenpresentbox.pngCall your friends and battle the people of your choice.
DroneMissingFunctional ItemPixel icons by oceansdream16.pngSwitch out one tuxemon on your team for one in storage.
Escape KeyMissingFunctional ItemItem4.pngSlip out the back door.
Fishing RodMissingFunctional ItemFishing-rod.pngCatch fish.
HoverboardMissingFunctional ItemSurfboard.pngFrom your Mom. It lets you travel faster.
Map AppMap.pngFunctional ItemIridescent item 5.pngUse this on your phone to see where you are.
Nu PhoneMissingFunctional ItemItem6.pngYou can do a lot with this, e.g. phone home.
Renaming AppParchment2.pngFunctional ItemRecipe.png
Tuxepedia AppMissingFunctional ItemTuxepedia.pngKeep track of information about Tuxemon here, and share it with the world.
XP TransmitterMissingFunctional ItemPixel icons by oceansdream24.png

Morph Items

 MainImageItem CategoryMainSpriteTXMN Description
Badge: GreenwashGreenwash.pngMorph ItemBug gym badge.pngTuxemon purchased from Greenwash require this badge to morph.
Badge: NimrodNimrod Label.pngMorph ItemNimrod badge.pngTuxemon purchased from Nimrod require this badge to morph.
Badge: OmnichannelOmnichannel.pngMorph ItemOmnichannel badge.pngTuxemon purchased from Omnichannel require this badge to morph.
Badge: ScoopScoop Label.pngMorph ItemScoop.pngTuxemon purchased from Scoop require this badge to morph.
Badge: ShaftShaft.pngMorph ItemShaft with shading.pngTuxemon purchased from Shaft require this badge to morph.
Booster TechMissingMorph ItemBiofuel.pngAn open source technology that allows you to morph tuxemon into a different form.
Earth BoosterMissingMorph ItemEarth b.png
Fire BoosterMissingMorph Item2nd the king 7.png
FlintstoneMissingMorph ItemIron-ore.png
Lucky BambooMissingMorph ItemBamboo staff.png
Metal BoosterMissingMorph ItemMetal b.png
Miaow MilkMissingMorph ItemThe king 6.pngCats love the taste of Miaow Milk™!
Peace LilyMissingMorph ItemPeace lily.png
PyramidionMissingMorph ItemPyramidion.png
Sea GirdleMissingMorph ItemAc Necklace06 24x24.png
StovepipeMissingMorph ItemPixel icons by oceansdream7.png
Sweet SandMissingMorph ItemSugar.png
Tectonic DrillMissingMorph ItemWorksite 8.png
ThunderstoneMissingMorph ItemSilver-ore.png
Water BoosterMissingMorph ItemWater b.png
Wood BoosterMissingMorph Item2nd the king 8.png

Held Items

Not implemented in the game so far. Could also have held items that made monsters immune to certain conditions.

 MainImageItem CategoryMainSpriteTXMN Description
Cure FatigueMissingHeld ItemI C Watermellon 24x24.png
Cure PoisonMissingHeld ItemI C Grapes 24x24.png
DieMissingHeld ItemDie.pngConfused? Roll the die and do whatever it says!
FeatherMissingHeld ItemFeather .pngTickle your assailant and force them to relinquish their grip!
FluteMissingHeld ItemFlute .png
HorseshoeMissingHeld ItemHorseshoe.pngOn the wrong foot? Put a horseshoe on it!
MarbleMissingHeld ItemPixel icons by oceansdream23.pngNever lose your marbles again!
Open HandMissingHeld ItemPixel icons by oceansdream32.pngAttacks made by a tuxemon holding this item will never reduce a foe below 1 HP.
Toy BearMissingHeld ItemPlushmouboo.pngSubstitute this toy bear for yourself when your life energy is being sapped!
XP FeederMissingHeld ItemPixel icons by oceansdream35.png


 MainImageItem CategoryMainSpriteTXMN Description
Ancient TeaMissingMedicineTea 7.png
CureallMissingMedicineORANGE 2.pngHeals your tuxemon to full health and removes any conditions.
Imperial PotionPotion-yellow.pngMedicineImperial Potion.pngHeals a monster by 500 HP.
Imperial TeaMissingMedicineTea 10.png
Mega PotionPotion-green.pngMedicinePotion-grade-d.pngHeals a monster by 200 HP.
Mystery TeaMissingMedicineTea 2.png
PotionPotion-red.pngMedicinePotion.pngHeals a monster by 20 HP.
RestorationMissingMedicineAPPLE 2.pngRemove any condition currently affecting the target.
Super PotionPotion-violet.pngMedicineSuper potion.pngHeals a monster by 50 HP.
TeaMissingMedicineTea 1.png

Stat Boost Items

 MainImageItem CategoryMainSpriteTXMN Description
Boost ArmourMissingStat BoostBoost 2.png
Boost DodgeMissingStat BoostBoost 1.png
Boost MeleeMissingStat BoostBoost 3.png
Boost RangedMissingStat BoostBoost 4.png
Boost SpeedMissingStat BoostBoost 5.png
Raise ArmourDiamond.pngStat BoostDiamond - Clint Bellanger.pngLearn the hardness of the diamond.
Raise DodgeAmethyst.pngStat BoostOpal - Clint Bellanger.pngLearn the iridescence of the opal.
Raise HPMissingStat BoostI Crystal03 24x24.pngLearn the bulk and abundance of quartz.
Raise MeleeRuby art.pngStat BoostRuby.pngLearn the anger of the ruby.
Raise RangedEmerald art.pngStat BoostEmerald - Clint Bellanger.pngLearn the aim of the emerald.
Raise SpeedMissingStat BoostRuby - Clint Bellanger.png

Technique Teaching Items

Not implemented in the game so far.

 MainImageItem CategoryMainSpriteTXMN Description
Technical Manual (Earth)MissingTechnique Teaching ItemBook - leather.png
Technical Manual (Fire)MissingTechnique Teaching ItemItem1.png
Technical Manual (Metal)MissingTechnique Teaching ItemBook - yellow.png
Technical Manual (Water)MissingTechnique Teaching ItemItem2.png
Technical Manual (Wood)MissingTechnique Teaching ItemBook - green.png