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This category uses the form Condition.

 MainImageTXMN IDPositive or NegativeReplacement ConditionsDetails
BlindedBlind.png17NegativeHalve Dodge and Speed Stats
Charged UpGlowing-large.png9PositiveCannot be displaced by a Negative condition; after technique use, replace with ExhaustedDouble all Stats
Charging7.png8PositiveCannot be displaced by a Negative condition; after technique use, replace with Charged Up
DiehardDiehard 2.png4PositiveAfter use, removeWhen HP would fall below 1, set it to 1 and remove this condition.
DozingSleep.png7NegativeAfter technique use, removeMust select “Nothing” for technique choice
EliminatedAlert.png0N/AReplaces every other condition; cannot be replaced by any other conditionContinues after the battle; Eliminated characters cannot be chosen for battle, must be replaced if in battle
EnragedBerserk2.png12PositiveAfter technique use, removeDouble Melee, halve Ranged
ExhaustedExhausted.png11NegativeCannot be displaced by a Positive condition; after technique use, replace with TiredHalve Melee and Ranged Stats
FocusedEagle eye.png14
GrabbedGrabbed.png5NegativeAny conditionCannot Retreat. Cannot use Ranged or Reach techniques.
Hard ShellShield .png1PositiveIf you would gain a negative condition, lose this condition but do not gain the new one.Armour increases by 50%
LifeleechDark-type.png3NegativeAny conditionAt End of Round, lose 1/16 of Max HP
Nodding OffSleep1.png6NegativeCannot be displaced by a Positive condition. After technique use, replace with Dozing.
PoisonedPoison .png2NegativeAny conditionAt End of Round, lose 1/8 of Max HP
Spyder BiteSpyder bite.png100N/AIs separate to other conditions - not replaced or replaced by them.Affected tuxemon cannot be traded or swapped off your team once infected. 1/8th of the time, on turn, just sneezes (infecting target with Spyder Bite) instead of taking turn.

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