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This category uses the form Condition.

 MainImageTXMN IDPositive or NegativeReplacement ConditionsDetails
No ConditionMissing0NeitherThe absence of a condition.
Hard ShellShield .png1Positive
PoisonedPoison .png2NegativeAt End of Round, lose 1/8 of Max HP
LifeleechDark-type.png3NegativeAt End of Round, lose 1/16 of Max HP. Enemy heals the same amount.
DiehardDiehard 2.png4PositiveAfter used to set HP to 1, removeWhen HP would fall below 1, set it to 1 and remove this condition.
GrabbedGrabbed.png5NegativeCannot Retreat or Switch. Ranged and Reach techniques have their Power and Potency halved.
Nodding OffSleep1.png6NegativeOnly role is to delay Dozing.
DozingSleep.png7NegativeTechnique is not used.
Charging7.png8PositiveOnly role is to delay Charged Up.
Charged UpGlowing-large.png9Positive
EnragedBerserk2.png12PositiveAlso referred to as "Berserk".
FocusedEagle eye.png14Positive
RecoveringVarious15all7.png15PositiveAt the end of the round, heal 1/16 maximum HP.
StuckSlow.png18NegativeCannot Retreat or Switch. Melee and Touch techniques have their Power and Potency halved.
ConfusedConfused.png19NegativeInstead of the technique chosen, the Confused monster uses a random technique (from the ones they have available, other than the one chosen) 50% of the time.
FesteringFestering.png20NegativeCannot heal damage.
EliminatedAlert.png99N/AReplaces every other condition; cannot be replaced by any other conditionContinues after the battle; Eliminated characters cannot be chosen for battle, must be replaced if in battle
Spyder BiteSpyder bite.png100N/AIs separate to other conditions - not replaced or replaced by them.Affected tuxemon cannot be traded or swapped off your team once infected. 1/8th of the time, on turn, just sneezes (infecting target with Spyder Bite) instead of taking turn.

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